Sunday, 29 April 2012

Charity shop stars.

Hey all, hope you have all had a lovely weekend. I've been working non-stop boo! But I can't complain as I get to sleep in on a Monday, which just feels marvellous. 
Wanted to show you girls some charity shop bargains of the week, all though I must point out a few of these are my mums doing. She is THE ultimate bargain hunter, my shopping idol you could say haha.  Think this little haul ticks off a few key S/S 12 trends too.

Scarf Print
silky shirt no label
Cat Print
vest Motel originally 
Floral Pastels
bandeau Jolie originally
boots Shelley's originally
trousers H&M originally
Forever a Staple.
jeans Topshop Moto originally
Each of these items of clothing cost no more than £4 each. I love charity shopping! Just proves that you can find on-trend things, you just have to rummage and ickle perhaps.
Waht do you think of my bargains? Which one's your favourite?
Definitely finding it hard to pick my favourite one.

Stay dandy <3 

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Better late than never.

Hey girls, thought I'd just share this bargain my mum picked up for me today in a charity. My mum is insanely good at finding a bargain, and whenever she goes scouring through the local shops she often comes knocking on my door with a little present. Best mum ever <3 
Anywho, so the bargain was a dress. A lovely, soft pink H&M dress, with a bird print. An extra added bonus nod to this season.  
The weekend just gone the boyfriend and I went to a christening, and I hadn't a clue what to wear. I  had to rush to get ready after work, and ended up looking like a gooseberry wearing flat ankle boots whilst everyone else was in heels and gorgeous dresses. THIS very dress is what I needed, simple yet softly sweet. It just came into my life four days too late. 

Have you ever had that situation before? A special event to attend, with 'absolutely nothing to wear', then days after finding the perfect outfit?
Darn it haha. Oh well, at least I know exactly what I'm wearing to my next christening invitation haha!
dress H&M via charity shop
daisy ring Fenwicks triangle ring Dorothy Perkins via sale gold nail varnish Barry M foli effect in gold pink  Fearne Cotton
Also a chance to show off two newbies to my ring collection, adore them both. Fenwick jewellery is surprisingly good, I always forget to look but when I do, I find something I must have. The prices are rather purse friendly too, the daisy was only £4.50, not too shabby.

Hope you are all dandy <3 

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Candy Stripes

 Hello all :) I attempted to post this last night but my eyes would not allow me to sit in front of my laptop any longer, so here it is now. On this oh so dreary day, I've just finished work and now plan on doing nothing else for the rest of the afternoon, except possibly fetch some biscuits from Tesco for tea dunking. It's a plan.
Candy stripes are popping up here, there and everywhere on the highstreet, complimenting the sweet shop, fondant colours that are huge this season. So I was more than excited when I spotted this in a charity shop a few months ago, for just £3 I had to have it. Plus it's Topshop, always a bonus.
Circus androgyny. Quite a sleek, smart night outfit. I have such a thing for bow ties at the moment. 
shirt Topshop via charity shop bow tie black ribbon trousers Zara wedges New Look clutch charity shop  
Preppy day off. This coat is quite a staple of mine at the moment, it surprisingly goes with quite a lot, especially if I'm just slugging around all day.
vest H&M belt free with a Toppers dress coat Dorothy Perkins bag Forever 21 leggings Topshop shoes New Look
Summer festival goer. Go away rain! I'm fed up of tights. 
jacket Zara necklace DIY shorts M&S belt charity shop boots Zara

Hope you enjoyed this 1,2,3...I'm off to buy an abundance of biscuits to munch on. Rainy days aren't all that bad really.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Cowgirl Ambitions.

The sun has made an ickle appearance today, so thought I'd take the opportunity to get an outfit post up. And as I foretold, I am obsessed with wearing these shorts; I can not wait to wear them without tights in the Summer. Actually, I can't wait to get rid of tights in general too. 
Anywho, this ensemble is rather cowgirl-esque, but with S/S 12 giving a nod to all things Americana, thought it looked all quite cute.  Haven't invested in any 'Stars and Stripes' print yet, just not sure enough. Have any of you lovelies?

grey vest New Look jumper Primark via bootfair shorts M&S belt charity shop tasselled boots charity shop bag charity shop jewellery thrifts
I adore these tasselled boots, my mum found them for me, she is such a good bargain hunter! 

I've also tried out something new on my nails this week.
17 mint choc chip collection 2000 dynasty
It was meant to be a super cool marble effect, but it looks more like painters hands haha. I do really like the colours together, just need to perfect this skill without huge amounts of mess. They look cool from not all bad.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend girls! Fingers crossed for some proper sunshine. 
Stay dandy.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Limited Lusts.

I can not stop raving about the Marks and Spencer's 'Limited Collection', they are bang on trend this season, completely. The mix of fluro brights and sexy sports luxe just makes for such a must have collection. 
Now some of these photos do not do the clothes justice, but trust me, go to your local store and have a little browse, you will feel the same. The pieces just look so wearable, and they have merged key staples with stand-out items. I seriously can not get enough. Furthermore, the prices aren't too shabby either, between £19.50-£39.50 on average. 

Share my love guys?

Monday, 16 April 2012

Postcards and gift wrap.

Today is my long awaited lazy day, and it's living up to it's expectations, I'm feeling pretty lazy-fied. Still in bed with magazines, biscuits and music surrounding me..s'all good. 
So thought I should at least do something productive whilst in bed all day, so here are a few photos from my basement home. It's small and dingy, and all the walls are white, so I have had to spruce it up a little and put my temporary mark on it. 
 ^^^ When I first moved in my boyfriend got me a chalk board to write notes and things-to-do on. I absolutely love it, and there has been a few smooshy things written on it from each other haha. It's a handy thing to have about!
 ^^^ My friend Eva sends me postcards from everywhere she goes, and I've made a little montage of some of them on my mirror wall. I've recently been hooked on them, scouring Paperchase and WHSmiths for cute, quirky ones to decorate with,
 ^^^ These may not be everybody's cup of tea but they are complete nostalgia for me. My parents found these for me a couple of birthdays back, I had such a huge collection when I was younger, my dad would often buy me one on the way back home from work. I think it's the hair that does it for me.
 ^^^ I adore my cup collection, I'm a sucker for a bright, cutesy one. I think they do a good job at brightening my humble abode a little. Note the place mat stuck on the wall, so so so cool! Picked it up on last month's trip to Eastbourne.
 ^^^ I think the string and pegs idea is such a brilliant way of chirping up a place without a huge price tag, and you get to show off all your favourite photos too. I adore my fairy lights too, I like the atmosphere the soft lighting creates.
^^^ I was inspired over the weekend when out with my friends, one wanted to check out Waterstone's posters(which by the way are really pretty). Whilst there I thought this is a genius idea to brighten up my dull, white walls, but I wasn't quite as drawn to the posters as I was the wrapping paper. This stuff is too nice to be torn up and thrown in the bin! I bought a few sheets and stuck them on my wall, okay there is a small barcode in the corner, but still. I am now on the look out for lovely wrapping paper, cheap yet chirpy!

What do you think of my little place? 
Hope you are all dandy!And how is it already Monday again?! These weeks are going too fast for my liking.

Sunday, 15 April 2012


 So after flashing my new buys yesterday, I am now wearing them in an outfit post. Sorry if this is terribly boring haha! But you know when you buy something that you absolutely adore and can not stop yourself from wearing it as much as possible! Well I bought 3 of those yesterday. 
Anywho, this is what I wore for...wait for it...another shopping trip ( only an ickle one). I need to curb my need to shop asap. 
bag Topshop Unique shorts M&S belt charity shop tights BhS cardigan Topshop via charity shop shirt Zara 
Loving this bag at the moment, I think it's made a lot of appearances on here recently, studs and edgy.
These our my nails of the week, so simple yet pretty, plus they go with any outfit. 
glitter varnish Barry M in silver limited edition effect nude varnish  Mavala in allure
Right, I am a bundle of calamities tonight, clumsiness is at it's all time high so I'm going to get off here and go curl up in bed until morning. Hope you have all had lovely weekends!
Sam <3 

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Unusual behaviour.

Hey all! I've been dithering about all week, and am now shattered. Just got back from dinner at the parents, whilst watching The Voice, how frigging good is that show? So fresh and funny. Now I am sat in my loungey clothes with the kettle boiling, considering a hot bubble bath with a magazine. Seems very tempting. I just haven't had any time off work in forever, and I NEED a lay-zee day, we all need one once in a while. Fingers crossed I shan't have to wait too long.
Enough of my babbling, I thought I'd show you my new buys I have accumulated this week. I have scoured Canterbury shops up and down soooo many times, and now realise that I have no other choice but to rob a bank. Too many gorgeous pieces about. Damn the great British high street.

High waisted shorts are an absolutely must have this season, and I just love the colour, shape and distressed look of these ones. Tick all the boxes. I know I could DIY some, I still plan too, just means I can experiment more. These was definitely be a staple for Summer.
shorts Marks and Spencers £25
I have this thing for grey jeans, I am always lusting over a pair, yet never buy any. And I still haven't haha, but these Topshop leggings will do for now! Never bought Toppers ones before, but damn they are comfortable, and feel like much better quality than others I have. 
Leggings Topshop £22
 I fell in love with this shirt straight away; the soft colour drew me in, then I noticed the dropped back, and the collar tips sealed the deal for me. And a quick shout out (that sounds ridonculously silly doesn't it?) to the boyfriend, as he bought this for me after I 'ummed and ahhed', he wouldn't allow me to leave the shop without it. Such a sweetie, think I've got a good'un. 
shirt Zara £26.99
 What do you guys think of the purchases? I'm already thinking up outfit ideas.
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! I'm off for that bubble bath now.
Sam <3