Friday, 30 November 2012

Tartan Crush.

It's starting to get rather chilly isn't it? Whenever I go outside now there's dragon breath, a true sign of winter, that and my fingers feel like they will fall off ha. Despite how cute these fingerless close are I really do need to purchase some proper gloves, one's that keep my digits toasty. I've just arrived back for the weekend, I'm looking forward to a night out with my sister tonight then spending tomorrow at a lovely seaside town nearby with the boy, fish and chips are definitely on the menu YAY.
jumper Marks&Spencers via charity shop jacket bootfair scarf charity shop socks Primark boots Forever21bag The Bridge Company via charity shop watch bootfair gloves Accessorize
It was so sunny this morning so I jumped at the chance to wear my Raybans, felt a bit like 'I'm with the band' whilst walking to uni, just too cool huh?
Hope you all have a lovely weekend, and have your advent calenders ready for the count down to Christmas, 1st December tomorrow already!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Futuristic Prep.

My trip home this weekend consisted of drinks with the family, Christmas tree decorating and two amazingly scrummy, hearty meals. It was so lovely to be back at home with my parents and sisters, it's such a rarity nowadays that even hearing the bickering and moaning was slightly heart-warming, however strange it may sound.
jumper charity shop shirt charity shop skirt Monki belt freebie socks Primark boots Forever21 earrings thrift ring Dorothy Perkins
 This was basically the outfit of the weekend due to my poor packing/ organisational skills, let's just say raiding the boyfriend's wardrobe is fast becoming a regular occurrence, much to his joy haha. 
I'm off to drool over all the scrummy baked goods up on pinterest, starting to see where the addiction comes from now.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Double Laze.

Wednesdays are officially my lazy day; I have the day off uni for 'self-directed' study and do not creep out from under my duvet until afternoon hours. Not much gets done, and I barely leave the house...part of me is ashamed but part of me says it's okay. It's okay because I'm a very poor student who needs to lock herself away from any spending temptations. It's okay because the day can be spent pretending to get through the mountain of uni work piling up. It's okay because it's cold and miserable outside. Does anybody else get my drift? One day a week is allowed right? 
All these reasons were verified today when I did in fact leave the house *shock horror* to apply for some voluntary work in town. Yes I fell victim to temptations, no I didn't even come close to completing any work and did you see the weather today?! 
shirt Cotton Traders via charity shop jumper Zara jeans ASOS via charity shop bag thrift boots Primark scarf H&M necklace Forever 21 nails 17 Holographic Effects
Double denim anyone? It's a bit hit and miss, but I wasn't taking myself too seriously this afternoon and really wanted to wear my beloved men's shirt, plus it's a nod to the western trend that's hovering about. I've seen a lot of amazing Isabel Marant-esque boots and shirts on the high street, love this subtle cowgirl revival; have you girls been influenced yet?

I'm off to read fashion magazines for uni research...not too shabby tehe. 

Sunday, 18 November 2012

A Walk in the Woods.

Today was just about a perfect Sunday with Jack, exactly what I needed before coming back to university. After an extra long lay in we had a little ramble in the woods, which I think is always so picturesque in the Autumn. We used to go here quite often when we first started out and although he claims we are way before our time (the only other people we bumped into were way over 50 haha) it's just lovely to find the time to do the simplest of things together.

shirt Burberry via charity shop skirt Primark jacket Topshop scarf H&M gloves Accessorize bag Mulberry via charity shop boots Zara socks Primark 
 Once we got back we had a lazy nap before a game of scrabble and roast dinner, topped off with possibly the greatest Christmas film ever..Home Alone. Now I'm back at uni writing this post and already missing the boy, a bit loser-ish I know haha.

Hope you all had lovely Sundays too, I'm already looking forward to the next weekend so I can see the family and celebrate my baby sister's fifteenth birthday with her. That said, I'm not quite wishing this week away, enjoy yours!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Naughty Purchases.

The past few days I've indulged in some extremely guilty shopping, and I feel enough is enough, no more...I must be stopped. But my wardrobe felt like it needed an oomph, a bit of zest to pull me few these dreary days, and I'm confident these finds will do just that.
pearly necklace Forver 21
Trying to build up a good choice of statement necklaces to perk up t-shirts and winter knits, although I do like this one I have yet to find one to fall head over heels about if you know what I mean? Any ideas where I can find one with some wow-factor?
cable knit jumper charity shop
A perfect jumper that iwill be quite a staple for this season, I'm thinking pretty collars popping out from underneath and I'm onto a winner.
cat t-shirt Monki
Forever growing t-shirt collection just got bigger; it's so simple but still has a certain edge. May have to bring out my inner rock chick haha.
metallic shirt charity shop 
The first of my silvery finds, my friend likened it to a dolphin, but I'm liking the slinky metallic material. Great for the upcoming party season.
faux fur stole H&M
The infamous fur scarf from H&M, such a huge hit with bloggers this season, and I can certainly see why, it has the ability to change the look of an outfit instantly...a scarf with magic powers, who would have thought haha.
cream coat charity shop
Okay, so as soon as I got home one of the buttons fell off, nothing a bit of sewing can't fix though. This coat is just so cute, as soon as I put it on I felt so ladylike and feminine; the shape, the collar and the sleeves...all so sweet. No doubt it will look gorgeous with the fur stole too.
silver pleated skirt Monki
Another silvery edition to the party wardrobe, although it will definitely be dressed down for daytime too, it's too pretty to be locked away for after hours.
Monki Carnaby Street/ Oxford Street or here
If you haven't already, check this Swedish brand out now! It's quite similar to H&M but with a little bit more glitz and edge, and the prices are amazing! This is definitely my new favourite shop!
So here's to my last haul of 2012...I hope. From now on I shall feed my habit with plenty of Christmas shopping, I'm so looking forward to getting in the festive spirit.
Hope you are all well, and have wonderful things planned for the weekend, I'm off for a drinky catch-up with an old friend.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Sigh No More.

And sigh. I've just handed in my first ever project for university, I know you're thinking it's no biggy, but it feels like such a relief to get it over and done! Plus I am now free for five whole days, wooo, which means my blog will be getting some tlc. I've written today off now as a sofa day, I'm curled up with my duvet watching catch-up tv, ultimate of lazes that is definitely required right now. So to ease myself into the chilled week ahead, here is a catch up of going-ons.
This is already empty, that's a lot of strawberry milkshake I've's so tasty though. don't judge haha.
I had been saving this little sachet of fudgey heaven  for the perfect time, that time came in the early hours of today when I needed a mug of motivation to pull me through my last few hours of work. 
One of my lecturers makes the loveliest hand outs of all different colours and shapes, it's a bit like primary school but she'd adorable.
The boyfriend bought me this scrummy yoghurt, may have fallen in love with him a little bit more for it haha.
I found this old photo of my friend and I, we were so young haha, but just thought it was quite adorable. That night was extreme amounts of fun, with the help of a little under-age drinking ha.
Watching the sunrise during my first ever university all nighter, it was a very long night so took a breather in my little garden whilst drinking tea...was so very peaceful.
I went to the cutest little tea party for my cousin's first birthday, which included these personalised chocolate bars, how nifty?!
Absolutely no shame in admitting that yes that is a teaspoon I'm using, it was just too damn good.
Drinking copious amounts of tea out of bone china tea cups at the party, I was in my element haha. 
Surrounding myself with mess during my all nighter, hand grafitti included haha.
Feeling all fresh and autumnal on the way to uni, love my gold boots from Primark.
Morrisons do crazy  flavoured drinks, I may have to try each and every one as deep down I'm still a child. Strawberry laces was first up, mmm.