Sunday, 24 February 2013

Let's Play Catch Up #2

 It's about time for another catch up right? So here goes. February has been a crazy good month so far; day trips, surprises and good times galore. I've spent so much time in London recently, visiting exhibitions, interning for LFW whist catching up with some of my girlies and I've adored every minute of it. My heart is pretty much screaming to live in the city, every time I fall a little bit more in love with the whole lifestyle. One day.
And the plaid obsession continues, this shirt is so warm though.
Perfect Saturday morning baking lemon cupcakes (they were pretty darn tasty)
Uni night out to see Professor Green <3
Peach Fanta! I jumped up and down in the supermarket aisle when I saw this, no shame.
Nail varnish vending machine at LFWkend, best invention?
*BARGAIN OF THE WEEK* Chelsea boots for £4 in a local charity shop. So proud haha.
Naughty train snack. Original glazed is the only way with Krispy Kremes.
Fallen in love with this cutie of a ring from
This week's reading including the Marie Claire runway edit, the new season's Bible basically!
Found myself lingering over at the Noctis Magazine blog in my fav outfit from LFW.
Healthy eating attempt #63747, blueberries are so scrummy.
Visited Juergen Teller's Woo! exhibition at the ICA, not quite what I expected although the collage pasted walls were pretty cool.
London looking a beaut in the glorious weather. Must. Move. Here. ASAP.
Cheeky Forever21 purchases, their jewellery section is treasure heaven. 
Getting my work out on, Summer body mission is progress.
These cakes remind me of afternoon tea at my Nana's. 
The best biscuit out there? I think so.
Somerset House is such a beautiful building.
My postcard wall is filling up nicely.
Just love this collage trend page in  Marie Claire. I'm ready for Spring time now please?
Late night Monopoly sending me a little crazy, like my new friends? 
Hope you are all dandy lovelies! Have a great week, and I'll try getting an outfit post up asap.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


A few months ago my dear Nan had a clear out and sweetly thought of me in the process, putting aside a huge pile of clothes to rummage through. I was delighted by the vintage pieces, a fleecy white peacoat from her teenage years, a knitted green pullover my great-gran made for my dad when he was a young boy and a few belt buckles from my Grandad's time in the royal marines. Sentimental treasures that I can pull into my own personal style, and give a new lease of life to, something my Nan was so very happy about. My favourite hand-me-down of all has to be these plaid trousers, I couldn't wait to style these babies up as I've been crushing over anything plaid recently. Despite the short length (hence the awkward turn ups) they fit perfectly around my waist, just snug enough with a high waist keeping me tucked in. 

t-shirt New Look jumper boutique trousers Nan's vintage coat Debenhams scarf charity shop boots Forever21 bag The Bridge Company via charity shop necklace New Look
It's not often that I wear trousers, they're just not as appealing as others bottoms out there so surprised myself with my bold fashion bravery haha. This may actually be the start of a trouser love affair. What do you think of my vintage hand-me-downs? Have you fallen for the plaid/ heritage trend?

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Dotty in Love.

This little monochrome outfit is what I wore to uni Valentine's, and was supposed to go up the very same day but surprises, internships and LFW got a little in the way, not that I'm complaining of course! But better late than never hey? So here goes; a charity shop steal in the form of a white shirt dress and polka dots tights that have become a sort of must have in my wardrobe (I've already bought 4 pairs from Primark in case of criminal ladders), along with my boyfriend's trusty black belt from his younger years.  

dress charity shop belt Boyfriend's jumper H&M via charity shop jacket Zara tights Primark socks Primark boots gift necklace New Look earrings Forever21 watch Urban Outfitters
 I was a little lazy over the weekend and wore the same outfit upto London, except I changed the silver for gold accessories; so you could say that I got the most out of this dress in the first week of ownership haha. It's quite cute and easy to wear, but still gives off a smart, pulled together look, and think it will look amazeballs in the Summer with a tan and a straw hat. Roll on sunshine which reminds me I have to book a holiday asap, I'm not relying on the British weather one bit.
Hope you're all dandy!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Brighter Pleats.

So yesterday I headed up to London and was a little bored of all the black I had been wearing all week, so decided my fluro-like, limey dress needed an outing. Not only do I adore these bright colours at the moment but check out the pleats! And in this season's midi length, perfect right? The dress does all the talking really so dressed it down with a leather jacket and ankle boots, two wardrobe pieces I couldn't go without at the moment. And don't fear ladies, I know it's been rather chilly lately accompanied by freezing wind, so I layered up underneath with a vest and rolled up leggings to keep me snug.
dress Limited ColLection at Marks and Spencers jacket Zara belt boyfriend's fur stole H&M boots local boutique necklace New Lookwatch Urban Outfitters nail varnish collection
This dress was actually a lustful purchase last Spring, and I feared it was a one hit wonder sort of dress, but the brights are still in this season thankfully along with the mid length so I'm pretty happy I can get my wear out of it this Summer too. 
What do you think? I know it could definitely be a marmite dress, hate it or love it, but the pleated greatness has stolen my heart.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Hey Joni.

Finally, after attempting to get an outfit post up for the past few days I managed to spare time before university today without nosey people, awful weather or atrocious lighting getting in the way. Mind you this isn't perfect, and the wind was pretty determined to blow me away at a point. I think every blogger out there, including myself, is longing for summer days now, simply for the outfit snaps...some heat wouldn't go a miss either would it? Nevertheless we shouldn't be wishing our days away as my Nana would say, alas we must brave the last of winter, and just pretend for now. Enter trusty Ray Bans.
breton top Miss Selfridge jeans Topshop Joni's boots local boutique belt boyfriend's jacket Zara necklace New Look watch Urban Outfitters sunglasses Ray Ban Erika Style.
There's a few new naughty purchases amongst this black outfit, including the spikey, silver necklace which adds an edge to any top and the new Topshop jeans, Joni- super high waisted and tight. I chose the dark shade as they could be very versatile, worn in the day like above or for a night out with a pair of hot heels; this reasoning lead me to believe it was okay to spend money I shouldn't have. Totally worth it. Have you girls tried the new style? What do you think? For me Topper's jeans come up trumps amongst other highstreet brands, the range and fit is like no other and the price is pretty reasonable for a long lasting pair.

I'm off to attempt a work out in hope of a perfect summer body, a girl can dream right? Hope you are all well and THANK YOU so much to all my lovely new followers.