Saturday, 30 June 2012

Sequins in Brighton.

On Thursday my sister and I went to Brighton, one of my favourites. My ten year plan definitely includes moving to Brighton it has everything, and each time I go I discover something new and quirky to fall in love with. We were going along to a Kate Nash gig in the evening, and decided to make a day of it, which meant try not to buy everything we saw so we didn't have to carry it all around. It was hard. We have had some cheery temperatures (hooray), but layering is still essential; it is Britain after all.
dress H&M via charity shop shirt Primark via charity shop coat Dorothy Perkins bag Topshop via charity shop shorts M&S boots Zara jewellery thrifts and sales 
The gig was different to what we expected, Kate played all her new stuff which is more rocky and out there, we fancied a good sing-a-long but could only really sing a long to a few. But I guess she needs to promote her new music and I'm sure we will be singing along to that soon enough. Her albums are my go-tos when I need cheering up as they are always so bouncy and happy.
Hope you guys have all had lovely weeks!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Ciao Bella.

Hello lovelies. Hope you are all well and beaming from the spot of sunshine we have had! Today I felt like I was on holiday in Italy, perhaps because I was going for the laid back, touristy look; baggy tops, tanned boat shoes and straw bags. Italians seem to pull of the 'looking cool and just hanging' look, much like the country seems to me really, sleepy and lazy, yet still ridiculously fascinating! I must, must, must go to Rome this year, it's been written on my chalkboard for almost two years now.  
top thrift skirt M&S kids belt Forever 21 bag charity shop shoes Next earrings Miss Selfridge
 I've been catching up with my mum lots recently, and had a nice, slow stroll around town today on which I encountered a man casually walking round with a  huge snake wrapped round his neck, he said I looked scared...too right! Also stopped off at Costa for a drink, and they do this scrumdid strawberry iced lemonade, my gosh it was good (and refreshing!). They actually have a really good choice of iced drinks in there, I never think to go but I felt spoilt for choice. Next on my list is their Peach frappe. 

Hope you sweets are all wonderful! <3

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Fluro Crush.

Okay, okay, I admit it, I'm currently experiencing a fluro crush! I've accumulated quite a few neon pieces and it must stop soon. I keep telling myself that these will only ever do for Summer, and no doubt only this Summer as it's just a one-hit wonder for my heart, but I can't stop myself. Perhaps I'm fancying scream-out loud sunshine brights as a holiday is yet to be booked, these purchases caused by anticipation of sun, sea and sand.
vest New Look shorts New Look Children via charity shop belt Forever 21 sunglasses RayBans boots Zara socks Primark bracelets Thrifts necklace Miss Selfridge bag charity shop
This was worn when the sun actually shone yesterday, so glad I took advantage with these shorts! They were one of my bargain's from my charity shop haul earlier this week, and were only £2.75! These are aged 14 so it's just reiterated the idea of looking in the kids section sometimes!
What do you guys make of the fluorescent trend, hit or miss?
Hope all you sweeties are dandy.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Printed Trousers.

I haven't done a 1,2,3 in a while so thought it was about time I shared some love for printed trousers. I have had them a while, of course another charity shop find, for around about £3. Not too shabby hey. But they are originally from H&M and I know they are offering up similar trousers in various prints in store now. The great thing about these are that they are tremendously comfy, it feels like you are not wearing them at all, plus they are bang on trend for summer.
This orange crop is a perfect balanced with these trousers, they both scream look at me, and that kind of goes well here. right? Gold jewellery will forever me my go to when I want to luxe an outfit up, it pulls the outfit together for a polished, city look.
trousers H&M via charity shop top Topshop necklace gift ring Boots belt Thrift shoes New Look bag Topshop via charity shop
A much more low-key going out look, with of course a bright accessory to awaken the monochrome. I loved how the black wedges looked with the trousers, and the length of the trousers seemed perfect. A denim jacket seems to be prints friend.
vest Miss Selfridge bag charity shop denim jacket Warehouse via boot sale jewellery thrifts wedges New Look via charity shop3.
This outfit kind of oozes Ibiza beach, with vibrant colours and prints merges with the loose, easy shapes. I tried to throw some sports luxe in with the watch, but it just got me wishing even more for some snazzy hi-tops or something.
vest New Look orange top M&S watch M&S bag thrift sandals New Look
These trousers are definitely coming with me on holiday, so easy to wear and light. Hope you enjoyed this 1,2,3... Sorry it's rather late, work got in the way a LOT earlier than of course I had to rush out to watch the England match. I love the atmosphere around football games, especially when England do a good job. C'mon England. 

Friday, 15 June 2012

Black and Blue.

Recently I've donned much more black than usual, perhaps it's because it looks subtly sophisticated and marks a point of maturity, I know two years ago I'd insist on wearing colour as colour is fun. I now realise fun doesn't mean trying to wear the rainbow; personal style is fun, playing with clothes and toying with outfits is fun. So yes, maybe the black is a mark of growth, OR most likely that the weather is getting me wardrobe gloomy. I'm mourning the sunshine haha. 
Anywho, thought I'd show you how I took an outfit from day to night, because sometimes there's just not enough time to faff about with a whole other outfit, right? (lazy girl preach)
vest Miss Selfridge jacket H&M via charity shop trousers Zara sunglasses Ray Ban bag Topshop via charity shop boots Zaralong necklace Dorothy Perkins short necklace Miss Selfridge ring Boots bracelets thrifts
shorts M&S bag charity shop shoes Jasper Conran via charity shop necklace worn as bracelet Dorothy Perkins lipstick Collection 2000 in bubblegum
For added change, I also popped a lick of the H&M matted coat over my Barry M neon pink nail varnish, and it really reminded me the coloured plastic of pencil cases, strange huh? But I loved the muted fluro look.

I'm off to for charity retail therapy later with my sis, so hopefully will have some bargains to show you guys. Have a wonderful weekend one and all!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Off Duty Fluro.

 Hola chicas. I've had a rare few days off this week so have been keeping it simple and dressing comfortably, but I have had to jazz it up with some fluro pink. Injecting spats of colour into an outfit can really up you mood, and I adore wearing pink lipstick when everything else is pretty mundane. I'm loving my fluro nails at the moment too, I've had the colour for absolutely ages but never worn it. This season is definitely the one for some neon, plus I swear it makes my hands look that little bit more tanned. 
top Miss Selfridge via charity shop leggings M&S bag Topshop via charity shop jacket Warehouse via bootfair bracelets thrifts ring Boots necklace Dorothy Perkins nails Barry M in Neon Pink lipstick Collection 2000 in Bubblegum
Also, I'm not usually one to wear just leggings and a short top but these new ones are so thick I feel slightly more at ease in them. Plus they look like uber tight jeans (jeggings?) so I can pull off a subtle souble denim at the same time, woo!

Fingers crossed for more sunshine tomorrow, so I can get some Ray Ban action, I love them dearly.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Weeks go faster as we get older.

It has dawned on me that I am perhaps a bit obsessed with taking photos of food. Maybe it's just the instagram fever.
#biscuits selections perhaps better than a box of chocs#chinese fortune cookies on a double date#these a just like the white mice you used to get in a penny mix up#postcard from Paris#feeling ill so the boyf brings chocolate, definitely a keeper#someone forgot their cardboard hat#candy stripes fresh#peppermint tea#jubilee brunch#99er#jubilee beacon#beach walks at sunset#

Today has been my weekend, with lay-ins and laziness galore, which I always regret around 6pm. Never mind.
Happy Monday!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Floordrobe Newbies.

 So I can finally relax after such a busy week, my body is just ready to flop on my bed and not move for a good few hours. I've been at work everyday except one for the past two weeks so a lay-in is absolutely necessary tomorrow morn. It's not been all work no play however, I have managed to cram in some lovely evenings with friends and Jack too. Of course, I also found some time to do some shopping (duh!) so thought I'd flaunt some new additions to the clothes mountain on my floor (of which will be conquered this week some time).
leggings Marks and Sparks
I was only cutting through M&S to avoid the rain, but ended up trying on about 6 things and purchasing 2 pairs of leggings in the sale. These lovely denim blue ones, and a black pair with folds on the thighs. Both so comfy, and £9 each, which isn't too bad as the Limited Collection range is always such good quality.
skirt Forever21
This is actually from my birthday haul, but still haven't worn it. The colour and scalloped hem is a winner.
shorts Primark via charity shop
I thought these would be perfect for a holiday cover up, I'm not too comfortable walking around in just bikini bottoms, and for £1 you can't grumble.
kimono jacket H&M via charity shop
I was very nearly going to buy a beautiful kimono from Topshop back in January but Jack convinced me £45 was a little steep for something I wouldn't get that much wear out of in the winter. This feline find was a bargain.
breton top Miss Selfridge via charity shop
Oversized and striped = comfy perfection. Makes me feel like a french artist, minus the tash.
Hope you have all had a lovely weekend, and are now prepping for a lazy Sunday eve, I am! <3