Sunday, 10 June 2012

Floordrobe Newbies.

 So I can finally relax after such a busy week, my body is just ready to flop on my bed and not move for a good few hours. I've been at work everyday except one for the past two weeks so a lay-in is absolutely necessary tomorrow morn. It's not been all work no play however, I have managed to cram in some lovely evenings with friends and Jack too. Of course, I also found some time to do some shopping (duh!) so thought I'd flaunt some new additions to the clothes mountain on my floor (of which will be conquered this week some time).
leggings Marks and Sparks
I was only cutting through M&S to avoid the rain, but ended up trying on about 6 things and purchasing 2 pairs of leggings in the sale. These lovely denim blue ones, and a black pair with folds on the thighs. Both so comfy, and £9 each, which isn't too bad as the Limited Collection range is always such good quality.
skirt Forever21
This is actually from my birthday haul, but still haven't worn it. The colour and scalloped hem is a winner.
shorts Primark via charity shop
I thought these would be perfect for a holiday cover up, I'm not too comfortable walking around in just bikini bottoms, and for £1 you can't grumble.
kimono jacket H&M via charity shop
I was very nearly going to buy a beautiful kimono from Topshop back in January but Jack convinced me £45 was a little steep for something I wouldn't get that much wear out of in the winter. This feline find was a bargain.
breton top Miss Selfridge via charity shop
Oversized and striped = comfy perfection. Makes me feel like a french artist, minus the tash.
Hope you have all had a lovely weekend, and are now prepping for a lazy Sunday eve, I am! <3


  1. Those leggings look great, will have to head to M&S more often! I forget that you can grab some great finds in there :)

  2. oh you have some such lovely things!! that skirt <3


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