Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Blue Heart.

This morning I stared blankly at my wardrobe for a good ten minutes, the past few days my clothes have just not inspired me...and however much I would love to go on a huge shopping spree right now sadly my student budget will not allow it. I decided getting dress was no longer important and catching up on MIC was, and hey presto...Binky sparked some inspiration. She wore a love heart jumper identical to the one I own, sorted. May have to watch more television in the morning to help me with outfits, shame haha. The sun was also shining so it absolutely had to be taken advantage of...enter last summer's maxi. Maxi skirts seem to be a big hit right now, especially the more slim fitting ones, I like belting them up to create more of a midi...perfect transitional piece when the seasons are still slightly confused.
dress H&M jumper local boutique belt Primark hi tops River Island watch thrift
My blue phase is alive and kicking again, I did worn you. 

Happy Halloween guys!
doughnut Greggs

Friday, 26 October 2012

Life as of Late.

How is it that October is very nearly over? Sometimes a pause button is needed to take in the best of times, that would be pretty nifty.
Uni friends and I visited the Tim Walker exhibition going on at Somerset House, whilst we were there the ice rink was being set-up for Christmas...already plan on going back to the exhibition (which lasts til January) and having a little skate too.
Jack celebrated his 21st birthday, he's now an old man I keep telling him hehe.  It's crazy to think he's 21 when we became friends way back when we were 14, as my friends would put it #thatshitcray
My uni town has some pretty cute, old-school sweet shops, and these scrummy blueberry bon bons got me through a very long Monday.
Ran for the train without realising my hair was still in pigtails, thought I was getting strange looks, but I kinda like it.
This shamefully may have happened during the week when I had ran out of bowls to use and was in a bit of a rush, student life right there haha.
An amazingly cute jar of marshmallows that my mum included in her charity fundraising tombola, sadly I didn't win, would have looked awesome in my kitchen.
Well hasn't the weather just been charming this week? I had never seen fog stick around throughout the entire the day before.
Defeated by monstrous burgers at Jack's birthday lunch at The Picture House; monstrous yet delicious  all the same.
One of Jack's presents included a huge jar of 21 of each of his favourite sweets, it went down very well . This is a perfect, thoughtful gift if you're looking for something cheap and cheerful.
Walking through an autumnal tunnel to my parents, one of the best parts of the season has to be crunchy leaves beneath your feet.
First ever trip to Harrods, can I please live there? It's just so quaint and ridiculously charming, if only I had thousands to spend.
It took all my strength to resist buying anything from this lovely little bakery in Knightsbridge, the lemon drizzle looked especially appetising. 
A little bit of print clashing for London town, outfit post to come soon.
My only purchase in Harrods was this tiny, chocolate pizza for Jack, thought it was pretty damn quirky and within my price range haha. Topped with honeycomb and fudge.
Booked tickets to see Skyfall and Mr James Bond definitely did not disappoint, a must-see, if not obvious already haha.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Polka Dot Geek.

Lazy Sunday post of a uni outfit last week, a bit of geek chic don't you think? Perhaps it reflects how studious I've been lately, uni is serious..huge amounts of work, not that I'm complaining too much as it's work that's enjoyable and actually quite interesting, perks of being a fashion student. Which reminds me, did anyone go see 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' at the cinema, I thought it was such a brilliant film, didn't get distracted once and Emma Watson really has dropped the Hermoine label, highly recommend a watch.
jumper George via charity shop shirt charity shop shorts Marks and Spencers tights Primark necklace Forever21 coat charity shop socks Primark boots Zara arm candy thrifts and DIY
This outfit just reminds me of how much I need to sort out another pair of glasses, the ones I'm currently wearing are hideous and rather scratched. Anywho, this outfit needs a quirky, geeky pair of frames to complete it don't you think?

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Home Sweet Home.

Happy weekend to all you lovely ladies, tonight I've opted for a snug night in so thought you should all see what I'm snuggling up in. Since moving up to uni I've been attempting to make my new house feel as homely as possible, without being able to nail things into walls and buy my own furniture. It hasn't been too hard because I have a ridiculous amount of stuff that I've slowly started spreading across the entire place, much to my housemates joy haha. 

and the prize for prettiest kitchen cupboard goes to...
(according to my housemates)

It's these little details that make me feel more comfortable in a strange, new place; fairy lights, photo frames, cushions...all necessities for students trying to spruce a boring room up. I'm also still hooked on using gift wrap as wall paper, amazingly cheap and chirpy.
Enjoy the weekend lovelies.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Into Something Blue.

Evening all. Have you noticed it too? My old flame is slowly creeping back into my heart, electric blue. And this time round it's not just electric; it's sky, navy and teal. It was so bad last time that my friends started to cool it 'Sam's blue', but now I like to think I've broadened my style horizons. During the autumnal months it's nice to have a bit of pop in your wardrobe to break down the dreariness, and this skirt definitely does this.
Baring in mind I've had this since my 20th back in May I've barely worn it, and I'm pretty sure my friends were tired of me complaining that nothing went with the blue gem...for some reason I had it in my head that whatever I wore with it would make me look like a nurse...yep, I know haha. But, hopefully to some of my friends joy they can rest assure that there will be no more moaning, the breton top has come to the rescue, as they always seem to do with many outfits.
top Miss Selfridge via charity shop skirt Forever21 belt thrift jacket Topshop necklace DIY rings Topshop and souvenir socks Primark boots Forever21 nails white base with Barry M limited edition glitter effects in silver
I'm starting to build quite  a good Forever21 archive in my wardrobe, so happy; whenever I wonder around the store I always come out with something...it's that good, the chirpy price helps too AND you get student discount, bonus. If you haven't ventured into the American high street chain it's an absolute must.