Saturday, 20 October 2012

Home Sweet Home.

Happy weekend to all you lovely ladies, tonight I've opted for a snug night in so thought you should all see what I'm snuggling up in. Since moving up to uni I've been attempting to make my new house feel as homely as possible, without being able to nail things into walls and buy my own furniture. It hasn't been too hard because I have a ridiculous amount of stuff that I've slowly started spreading across the entire place, much to my housemates joy haha. 

and the prize for prettiest kitchen cupboard goes to...
(according to my housemates)

It's these little details that make me feel more comfortable in a strange, new place; fairy lights, photo frames, cushions...all necessities for students trying to spruce a boring room up. I'm also still hooked on using gift wrap as wall paper, amazingly cheap and chirpy.
Enjoy the weekend lovelies.


  1. You've got a really nice blog.. Thanks for following, I followed back :)

  2. I need that Krispy Kreme tin!


  3. Your room is so beautiful, I never want to nearly half of that effort when I first moved in at uni! I really want to get myself some fairy lights. :) xo

  4. WOW! I have to say I was appalled with the decor of my brother's uni room, I am determined to give it a 'woman's touch' but looks like you'd do a better job than me! Couldn't help but notice One Day on your bookshelf by the way, I luuurve that book!xo

  5. Aww your house looks so lovely! Using Coke bottles to store bangles is such a good idea!

  6. How do you do it? Everytime Samantha, I love your decorations! liking the wrapping paper on the wall :)

    Ellie x


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