Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I Like Tea Cups.

Today I spent some money that I shouldn't have spent on some lovely cups from Next. I adore the home department there, there's always something quaint or quirky that I would snap up if I had the space/money/excuse. And they do the best kitchen ware, of which the most affordable and bargainous items have to be the mugs and glasses, a price of between £1-£4 isn't too shabby for something that will serve you well each day. Certainly if you are an avid tea drinker like me.
glasses Next (£1.50 each)
live, love, laugh
mug Next (£2.50)
And seen as everywhere is embracing the jubilee with union flags absolutely everywhere, I thought I'd show you some of my favourite british homeware. It's rather great to think how iconic our flag is, and extremely stylish too. 
GB hearts mugs Next 
floor mat charity shop
where there is tea there is hope cushion Past Times
postal gift wrap Fenwicks 
Yep, I've been at it again buying gift wrap for my walls, there's just so many lovely designs out there that are too good to fold up and be ripped open.

So that was a little homespiration for you, hope you enjoyed <3 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Birthday Outfits.

As promised here is a short but sweet post of what I wore over the weekend, they are a bit of a mish mash as I was all over the place with excitement that I didn't have time to do a 'proper' ootd photo sesh.

Evening drinks
dress Paul&Bear earrings Forever21 clutch Topshop shoes Next lippy Barry M nails collection2000 in dynasty/Fearne Cotton in Pink

Family bbq
dress Primark bag Forever21 belt Forever 21 boots Zara rings Boots Earrings Boots watch bootfair sunglasses Ray Ban nails same as here
90s child
shorts M&S belt Forever21 top bootfair earrings Forever21
There's a sneak peek at some of my haul in here too. After all the highstreet shopping I've done in the past week I'm now eager to go for a rummage in the charity shops, feels like forever since I've been. 

In ither news, I've come across a ridonculous amount of money spiders in the past couple of days, so I felt the need to do the lottery...fingers crossed hey. You never know, I may be a millionaire by the next post. 

Have a lovely evening sweets 

Monday, 28 May 2012

Birthday Weekend.

Hey all! How are you? I spent the beautiful weekend celebrating my 20th eeek! It was an absolute gem of birthday, and I've been completely spoilt throughout. One very happy, lucky girl right now hehe. I just still can't believe I'm 20 years old, I have no idea how I got here so fast!
I was able to stretch the celebrations across the whole weekend, cramming in lots of different things with family and friends. Hence the reason I haven't posted in a few days, so apologies lovelies, but I have been taking ridonculous amounts of photos to show you all!
I love cards. Buying cards, sending cards, receiving cards. So lovely. I ended up with 20 for my 20th woop. 
Presents from Jack. He was naughty and got me Erika Ray-Bans (in love with them) as well as a gorgeous clutch from Toppers and tickets to Thorpe Park. In my friends' words 'He's a keeper.' <3

Oh, Lola by Marc Jacobs, from my parents. My first proper perfume ever, now I feel so grown up. It smells so good!
Some sweet, girly gifts from friends and family.

They know me too well, chocs and biscuits. Sugar monster

I liked the array of colours and gift wrap, the 'Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake' is definitely going up on my wall haha.

 And forgive me, for the rest of the photos are on instagram, it was just easier to grab my phone at most times. Hope you don't mind!
# the Stealth ride at Thorpe Park#Jack and I#cute cupcakes my mum's boss made# my sister made me a birthday jelly#I was getting rather excited about my Ray-Bans#squished cupcake#yep, my parents surprised me with a bouncy castle at my birthday bbq#getting silly crunk#thr dogs are treated like people in our house#bit of poker with the fam#shopping in LDN with the girls#Muma and I#tickets#pear and raspberry cider mm#the most scrummy brunch at The Breakfast Club in Spitalfields#
I feel rather shattered now after all the excitement, think it's time to chill in the sunshine and catch up on some blog reading.  Happy sunny Monday! <3
p.s more to come in the form of birthday outfits and shopping hauls.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Girly Granny

!Hola chicas! By the look of the weather forecast this week is going to be sa-weet, and too damn right, us British deserve some sunshine. This means that all the outfits I've had lined up for too long can actually come out and play. Hope you are all enjoying this opportunity to show off the Summer wardrobe too!
This is the ensemble of today, a little granny chic don't you think? leopard print and pleats.
shirt charity shop skirt M&S kids belt/bag charity shop jewellery thrifts shoes Topshop nail varnish Miss sporty  no77
The nail varnish is such a 'pow' colour and an early birthday gift from my sister, it dries real quick too. Reminds me of blue smarties (when they existed).
Any who, I'm off to stuff my face with cheese and crackers, washed down with apple juice. A perfect summer evening snack.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Fluro Sunshine.

Hallelujah, we actually had sunshine today, as well as heat! Shhh though, I'm scared we might scare it away. Wasn't it lovely? I spent the day working horrendously fast so I could get out in the courtyard and sunbathe, I also managed a little rally of the shops (no spending mind you). 

shorts M&S top M&S watch hand-me-down bracelets charity shop bag forever 21 boots Zara
 Forever loving Marks and Sparks <3 
Enjoy this week of sun! 

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Nail newbies.

So here's a little post, as promised. During the week I tried out this lilac polish I bought in the sale at M&S (where else haha), it was only £2 and was intrigued to find out if their collection is any good. The colour is so pretty, and although I do have one similar this is slightly lighter, milkier perhaps?. Plus, I've been using the other colour so much I will probably need some form of replacement soon enough.
Apologies firstly for my poor painting technique (it looks fine from faraway haha) and secondly for how horrid and manly my hands look, I am trying to make them look nicer, so any tips welcome! Anywho, the varnish it self is rather thin therefore a fair few coats are needed, but I'm pretty pleased with the final colour, soft and sweet.
Last week I also purchased this Matte Top Coat from H&M after seeing it on a few blogs, this was also only £2 so can't grumble. It's works pretty well, although my photos aren't perhaps the best proof. Simply paint nails with your normal chosen colour, then once that has dried pop a lick of this on top, giving a cool, matted finish. Something an ickle different hey?
Of course I had to finish with an odd one out, it matched my outfit perfectly at the time.
Have you bought any new nail varnishes recently that have impressed you? I need to add just a few more before reaching 100 hehe.

 Happy weekending <3

Friday, 18 May 2012

TGIF catch up

Hey all, how you doing? I apologise for my absence this week, my poor laptop had to be sent off for repair (I may or may not have stood on the screen months ago and prolonged paying money to fix it) but now I have a lovely new screen without any inky mess yay.
Anywho, I thought I'd quickly catch you up with my week with a few photos (instagram addict). I've got a few posts lined up now, including outfits, new buys and nail goodies so hopefully I can bombard you with those over the weekend, excited?
All this not so Springy weather has had me craving the sun and beach, my friends and I would always have the best beach days. Been reminiscing too much this week, presumably triggered by the fact I turn 20 next week and I do not know how that is possible haha.
Cupcake batch for Jack. I'm trying to perfect my baking skills, and my lucky boyfriend gets to be tester. Not to say that I do not test a few out too though.

Found a stash of love hearts whilst feeling peckish, you have to read every message before you eat the sweet. It's a must.

Went to Whitstable Wednesday, it's the cutest seaside town ever. Of course, had to have a  refreshment.
My new friend, surprised how much I like this stuff. Plus I'm hoping it's good for my insides.
The nicest thing to have after a long, rushed walk...lemonade lolly. YUM
Found a pressed daisy in my old diary, pa-retty.
The castle at 'Whitstable' where I was awkwardly shown round by a tour guide, who thought I wanted to hire the place for my *make believe* wedding (no thanks to my lovely friends). I just didn't have the heart to say it was a joke, she seemed too excited. So I politely went along with it all.
This was meant to be a photo of the whole desert, but I got a bit carried away obviously. Sugar monster.
A little outfit  close-up, pink and leopard...oh so girly. 

Hope you all have lovely weekends, I'll be trying to embrace my last week of teens *sob*