Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I Like Tea Cups.

Today I spent some money that I shouldn't have spent on some lovely cups from Next. I adore the home department there, there's always something quaint or quirky that I would snap up if I had the space/money/excuse. And they do the best kitchen ware, of which the most affordable and bargainous items have to be the mugs and glasses, a price of between £1-£4 isn't too shabby for something that will serve you well each day. Certainly if you are an avid tea drinker like me.
glasses Next (£1.50 each)
live, love, laugh
mug Next (£2.50)
And seen as everywhere is embracing the jubilee with union flags absolutely everywhere, I thought I'd show you some of my favourite british homeware. It's rather great to think how iconic our flag is, and extremely stylish too. 
GB hearts mugs Next 
floor mat charity shop
where there is tea there is hope cushion Past Times
postal gift wrap Fenwicks 
Yep, I've been at it again buying gift wrap for my walls, there's just so many lovely designs out there that are too good to fold up and be ripped open.

So that was a little homespiration for you, hope you enjoyed <3 


  1. Love your picks! I always spend money that I shouldn't, but sometimes we can't help ourselves. There's too much cute stuff out there in the world! xo, Megs

  2. I love next from home wear they have such lovely stuff. I bought some bits and bobs from there this week.

  3. I love Next's home section, it makes me crave decorating haha.

    Jessie @

  4. Obviously anything with a Union Jack, I love!


Thanks for all your sugary sweet thoughts <3