Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sunday Look Back.

Today has been one of the most chilled days since I got back from holiday, topped off with a perfect walk along the seaside in the crisp, fresh air and an ice cream (it;s never too chilly for a 99 right?). I've been able to clear my mind and reflect a little on life at the moment, drawing me to put an infamous instagram post up. 
Enjoy <3
My first ever project at university involves researching Celine, can not complain at all. My course seems perfect, immersing myself in fashion completely is a dream, and I'm studying at the same time.
These Primark pj shorts were just too cute not to buy, how wintry and cosy do they look?! Perfect for my weekends back home.

Jack and I often go along to the amusements by the seaside; two pence pushers rock. Then we take a walk along the promenade, ice creams in hand.
Introducing my new juice cravings, peach juice. I drank ALOT in Spain but can't find it over here boo.
These are part of my ever increasing recent haul, spandangly cowboy boots...just amazing.
This photo is a rarity, my sister hates her photo being taken, yet she looks beautiful just before a night out.
Oh my gosh, these red Zara boots are just so hot. I've lusted for a long time now, and probably missed my chance.
This picture sums up our holiday, even looking at it makes me feel so relaxed. Can not wait for our next one already.
One of the best things about holidays, the ice cream. My favourite flavour had to be watermelon.
Arrived home for the weekend to these, I'm a lucky girl.
My student loan came through so I treated myself haha, and yes I had this for dinner not breakfast. Breakfast food is the best kind though.
Tasty potato snack, Chipstix, at a food fair in Canterbury, I thought it was such a nifty, brilliant idea yet so simple.
Perfect summer image.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Holding onto Summer.

So back to reality, no more holiday snaps for now. Instead, an outfit I donned to uni on my first day, even though the weather hasn't been cheery I need to get the most of my tan whilst I can, so the legs have been on show a little more than they probably should in the Autumn. And the pastel, pleated skirt is definitely one of my favourite finds of this Summer, it has definitely secured my new thoughts on pink clothing, something I wasn't too keen on a year ago.
crop H&M skirt M&S Kids shirt charity shop denim jacket Warehouse via bootfair bag charity shop shoes New Look rings holiday souvenirs necklace DIY
Writing this post has made me crave some thrifting, perhaps I'll put it on the agenda for the next week. Definitely want to find some bargains like this gorgeous shirt, perfect for winter with it's dark floral print, and as a teeny cover up on a night out. 
Have a great weekend lovelies!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Perfect Evenings.

Hello there strangers! I know, I'm actually the one being the stranger, with starting university this week I haven't had the internet to blog. Boo. But we have now set-up the internet and it's getting switched on next Friday, and for the mean time I'm back in my home town stealing the boyfriend's wi-fi. So before doing anything else I wanted to complete my holiday posts, even if Summer does feel like a distant memory. Autumn has well and truly put it's foot down right? There's that crisp, fresh smell in the air and the hot chocolate addiction has been unleashed for the season -make mine topped with cream with a side of shortbread.
crop top H&M skirt M&S bag The Bridge Company via charity shop shoes New Look
dress Republic
dress Topshop shoes New Look
dress Pull and Bear clutch Topshop sandals New Look
playsuit charity shop bag Accessorize via charity shop belt charity shop sandals America (apologies for the b/room door being open)
It was rather lovely being able to dress up for dinner with Jack, every night felt like date night, and he even he got into the swing of smartening up. 

I'll try to resume to my usual blogger self asap, I miss reading through blogs and taking outfit snaps. Hope you're well and September is treating you all well, the month of new beginnings quite often.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hot Days in the Spanish Sun.

Hola chicas! I'm back from an amazing holiday in Spain, and before throwing even more weekly pics at you I thought I'd show you the holiday outfits. Now, I can not travel light however hard I try; whilst packing my suitcase I must have culled the chosen clothes about four times yet still managed to take a ridiculous amount. Just as well really, as I often changed outfits three times a day, silly perhaps, but I needed to cram a Summer's full of clothes into 7 days, fully aware that when we arrived back Autumn would be creeping upon us. So with so many outfits, first up are my daytime picks.
top New Look shorts M&S belt Forever21 bag The Bridge Company daisy necklace Fenwick long necklace DIY sandals New Look sunglasses RayBans
dress charity shop bag M&S earrings New Look
top charity shop sandals Walmart in US
playsuit H&M pumps New Look bag Germany ring Boots
vest H&M shorts gift
top Topshop
 So happy that I managed to wear the gorgeous fruit dress, I'd been itching to wear it since I got it back in Winter but it just didn't feel right to wear it in the dull British Summer that we were having. Jack was my photographer for the week, which was another first, as I'm usually too shy to do outfit pics in front of him. Towards the end of the holiday he was the one reminding me that my outfit needed snapping, and actually took part in some. It actually gave me an idea to include him in some of the posts, he has such a great style for a man, rather impressive hehe. 
Hope you've all been well, I'm off to rub my tan in the besties' faces hehe. 
Hasta luego <3

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Going on a Summer Holiday.

 I know I've been a bad blogger recently, and jetting off to Spain tonight isn't going to help, so apologies guys! I promise to get back on the great blogging track next week as we've so much to catch up on, plus all my holiday ventures to blab about. I am SO looking forward to a week in Barcelona with the boyf, after such a hectic week (this genius here decided to move houses at the same time as looking after work 24/7, before leaving on Sunday...stress levels were hiiiigh) I think I've earnt a little time away to soak up some sun, with the only thing to worry about being which restaurant to eat out at that night. 
Here's a little peak of the last week, photo heavy, you've been warned.

New shoes from New Look; been eyeing the leopard print for ages and Jack actually picked out the other pair. Rather impressed with his choice.
Bikinis!! Finally get some use out of these little beauties. And yes, I seem to like blue swimwear; although there is some flower print bottoms to mix'n'match.
The girls came round for one last sleepover at mine, which included homemade banana and oat face masks. Don't we just look haaawt.
After 5 years of volunteering at a youth club I had to say goodbye! So many messages and cards, I felt very loved.
American blueberry taffy from a stand in Bluewater, so scrummy. The colour of my tongue amused me a little too much perhaps haha.
All our last minute shopping for holiday, there's something about carrying many shopping bags that makes me rather cheery.
America do food and drink so well, just tastes sooo good. Jack treated me to two of my favourites; Mountain Dew and Haiwan Punch.
One of the besties had a birthday bbq, proving that you're never too old to have balloons on the front door haha.
Nearly shed a tear when I had to throw all my weekly magazines in the recycling tip, and just imagine how much £££ is there. Damn.
Just had to get this from Forever21, it's too adorable. It's nice and thin so perfect for the plane journey tonight.
Our inner geek side come out. The little chess set is one of my favs that we took on holiday last year too hehe.
I purchased a few months ago and lost it literally a few days after! But my wonderful friend Pops surprised me with a new one at lunch today, thankyou!
My cutie patootie parents made me a tea and biscuit hamper for my uni house, these are being well hidden for sure.
I got a tad too happy about finding these old gems in a shop, remember them? I'm pretty sure every girl had an alice band with there name on it, or was I the only cool one? 

I'm meant to be catching some zzzs right now before our flight although I'm waaaaay to excited, perhaps I should attempt atleast some kind of sleep, Sorry it's a late one girls, hope you are all dandy! See you in a week!

Adios amigas,