Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Going on a Summer Holiday.

 I know I've been a bad blogger recently, and jetting off to Spain tonight isn't going to help, so apologies guys! I promise to get back on the great blogging track next week as we've so much to catch up on, plus all my holiday ventures to blab about. I am SO looking forward to a week in Barcelona with the boyf, after such a hectic week (this genius here decided to move houses at the same time as looking after work 24/7, before leaving on Sunday...stress levels were hiiiigh) I think I've earnt a little time away to soak up some sun, with the only thing to worry about being which restaurant to eat out at that night. 
Here's a little peak of the last week, photo heavy, you've been warned.

New shoes from New Look; been eyeing the leopard print for ages and Jack actually picked out the other pair. Rather impressed with his choice.
Bikinis!! Finally get some use out of these little beauties. And yes, I seem to like blue swimwear; although there is some flower print bottoms to mix'n'match.
The girls came round for one last sleepover at mine, which included homemade banana and oat face masks. Don't we just look haaawt.
After 5 years of volunteering at a youth club I had to say goodbye! So many messages and cards, I felt very loved.
American blueberry taffy from a stand in Bluewater, so scrummy. The colour of my tongue amused me a little too much perhaps haha.
All our last minute shopping for holiday, there's something about carrying many shopping bags that makes me rather cheery.
America do food and drink so well, just tastes sooo good. Jack treated me to two of my favourites; Mountain Dew and Haiwan Punch.
One of the besties had a birthday bbq, proving that you're never too old to have balloons on the front door haha.
Nearly shed a tear when I had to throw all my weekly magazines in the recycling tip, and just imagine how much £££ is there. Damn.
Just had to get this from Forever21, it's too adorable. It's nice and thin so perfect for the plane journey tonight.
Our inner geek side come out. The little chess set is one of my favs that we took on holiday last year too hehe.
I purchased a few months ago and lost it literally a few days after! But my wonderful friend Pops surprised me with a new one at lunch today, thankyou!
My cutie patootie parents made me a tea and biscuit hamper for my uni house, these are being well hidden for sure.
I got a tad too happy about finding these old gems in a shop, remember them? I'm pretty sure every girl had an alice band with there name on it, or was I the only cool one? 

I'm meant to be catching some zzzs right now before our flight although I'm waaaaay to excited, perhaps I should attempt atleast some kind of sleep, Sorry it's a late one girls, hope you are all dandy! See you in a week!

Adios amigas,


  1. haha it's good having a boyfriend with taste! Mine picks out the best clothes hehe. & I have to agree I love holding lots of shopping bags. When I'm out clothes shopping I want to hold all the bags! But if it's food shopping, my boyf can hold them ehheeh <3 xx
    t h e l o v e l y s h a d e s o f p e p p e r b l o g

  2. Have a lovely holiday! Really enjoyed looking through these snaps, and that tea and biscuit hamper is AMAZING! We had a communal biscuit tin in our house but because there were seven of us, one pack of biscuits lasted roughly one day haha.

  3. enjoyed looking at your pinks, especially like the blue floral bikini, hope you have a great holiday, wish i was going away haha x


  4. Absolutely love this post, so many great photos! Can't wait to see all your photos from holiday :)
    Very jealous of all your shopping bags! :P
    Have a good holiday! Xx

  5. I love the feeling of having loads of shopping bags. And I recently had to that with mags too, boo!

    style sincerity


  6. Hair bands with your name on it! wow blast from the past haha x

  7. I nominated you for libster on my page sorry if you already did it:) x

  8. Have a lovely holiday! Love the shoes, especially the leopard print ones

  9. what an adorable set of pictures!!!

    Hey, we are hosting a GIVEAWAY and wanted you to find out first about it! Maybe you want to join the fun!

    xoxo, 0941

  10. Cannot believe you put that face mask pic up! you little horror! and the picture of my front door, I concur. you are NEVER too old to have balloons on the door ;P


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