Friday, 31 August 2012

Duchess Blue.

Recently the parents and I ventured up to the town where I will be studying in September to have a wander round and to get their approval on the house I'd picked. The day was a success as not only were my mum and dad impressed that I managed to find great accommodation all by myself haha, but we also found some bargains in the local shops. That night I was meeting friends for some drinks so wanted to wear something versatile that could take me from day to night without too much fuss. Kate Middleton inspired this outfit pick, as I had previously seen her supporting Team GB on various occasions, and of course each time she looked immaculately polished. She most definitely knows how to dress to impress, and quite a lot of the time this seems to be in blue. So there I was rummaging through my clothes trying to find my old Topshop dress that I've had for years.
dress Topshop via charity shop necklace worn as bracelet Miss Selfridge bag Forever21 shoes Next hoops gift
bag J.Salisbury via charity shop belt Topshop wedges New Look via charity shop lipstick Kate Moss 007 from Rimmel
Have you ever taken inspiration from Kate Middleton? It was quite refreshing to keep it simple with just a few elegant accessories, and the nude nails. Although, after this week I can't wait to paint my nails in glorious colours after having to keep them clean for work.
 Apologies for the lack of posts, bad blogger + stupid blogger, I couldn't work out  why blogger wasn't allowing me to upload, and after whinging for a few days I finally work it out in just a few seconds! How annoying; hence the belated post. Have a lovely weekend girls!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Cut Backs.

So I'm making spending cut backs, it's rather necessary at the moment, therefore my latest charity shop haul isn't too big. But quality trumps quantity anywho right? And I'm pretty chuffed with these recent finds.
faux fur coat Miss Selfridge via charity shop
Introducing my new winter coat *drum roll please*. I'll be the first to admit this was a very daring purchase, when I tried it on I was in two minds; 'ooo my gosh I love it.' and 'Do you think I look like a yeti?!'But my mother was on hand to persuade me to get this furry cover up, as it was only £10!! I just simply couldn't let this one go, as I knew I'd be kicking myself come winter. Plus the boyf actually said he liked it, despite not being able to wear it around him as he's allergic haha, so this baby will be coming to uni with me. Here's hoping for a very chilly winter.
red scalloped vest Topshop via charity shop
This extremely popular vest shape is still going in Topper's, and yet to have owned one myself I thought I may as well for just £2. Especially in such a key colour for any a/w wardrobe. 
leather skirt old school New Look via charity shop
And finally, this little leather skirt. I'm slightly crushing over leather at the moment, so picked this up without any thought. Another autumnal investment that I  can see being a bit of a staple. Itching to wear it out all ready, so tomorrow may be the time.

Do you like my buys? I seem to be focusing on the upcoming season now, with coats and scarves and darker tones exciting me; but I still feel a little sad that bright, flowery summer is coming to an end.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Gathering Thoughts.

 So today I wandered round town aimlessly for a good few hours, enjoying the  heat and having a good think, whilst being tempted twice by the perfect blueberry muffins of M&S, I didn't cave though, perhaps tomorrow. The humidity meant I threw all my leftover clothes on my bed and stomped my feet, so pulled on this all so familiar topper's shaped dress.
dress Topshop via charity shop belt bootfair necklace diy socks Primark boots Zara bag The Bridge via charity shop ring Dorothy Perkins 
So I've been trying to gather my thoughts as so much is going on within the next few weeks and it's all just jumbled up in my head, am I making sense? With moving out and in to my new place, starting university and a holiday with the boy there's just so much to think about, sprinkled with having to work everyday for my last fortnight of work and cramming as much time in with the besties, it's going to be hectic. Ready. Set. Go.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Casual Barbie.

Hey y'all, yesterday I decided to shake the dust off these pink babies and wear them once more. When I first purchased the Kristen jeans from Topshop I didn't stop wearing them, as they were comfortable yet still making a statement; however they slowly lost their novelty and were hung up with all my other forgotten trousers. Until Thursday whilst I was with the lovely Faye from Faye's Fix, so thanks for the reminder lovely! I've actually realised my wardrobe consists of quite a few pink bottoms, my inner barbie is impressed whereas I'm slightly confused.
jeans Topshop crop H&M bag charity shop plimsolls Topshop earrings gift jewellery thrifts
Yeah, I'm wearing hoop earrings, taking myself back to childhood here. Not sure how I feel about them though, I'm just taking a little dip to see what they can be styled with. I've rediscovered all this jewellery whilst moving, which is great as they feel like new accessories all over again. 
On the subject of moving, I'm currently now living half and half, which is rather annoying as it means my wardrobe has had to be more than halved for the next three weeks, so getting dressed will not be as fun. Anybody else off to uni and having to make this sacrifice haha?
Hope all you lovely girls are well!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Studded Hippy.

 Thought I'd squeeze a post in before the boy comes along and demands all my attention, not that I'm complaining; he's bringing ice cream and hugs so all is well hehe. Today was my sister's 16th birthday, so I trotted off up to my parents with goodies and home made cakes galore, but beforehand I lounged about at Jack's whilst he was at work. I was lacking in outfit inspiration so gave his wardrobe a raid and found a belt from when he was younger that to my delight fitted my waist perfectly. Stolen.
top H&M via charity shop shorts M&S belt boyfriend's bag Accessorize via charity shop shoes New Look head band  Dorothy Perkins nail varnish Mavala sunglasses RayBans
 Pretty nifty huh? May have to raid the boyfriend's wardrobe more often. Speaking of which, I'm off to pack a smidgen more before he gets here; think packing will be the death of me, takes forever and I've too much stuff! Hope you're all having a lovely, less stressful evening.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunshine Sequins.

Thought it was about time I got these babies out on the blog, do you like? These sequin shorts have been in my wardrobe since the January sales, a bargain find of my muma's (she's a bargain queen) and I've actually been able to wear them consistently throughout the year, be it on a night out or for a meal with the girls, however they do look an awful lot better bare legged than they do matched with tights. Thanks to sequins sticking around this SS12 they've been a very worthy sale find, with the muted sparkle keeping them sophisticated  rather than Christmas party-esque.
top Miss Selfridge via charity shop shorts M&S Limited Collection bag charity shop necklace Dorothy Perkins ring Bootfair sandals America sunglasses Raybans
I've just been wearing this outfit on strolls about town, as the top plays the sequins down for a day time look, everybody loves a good old breton top; a wardrobe necessity!

A big shoutout to all my lovely new follower by the way HELLO!!! <3

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Sports Luxe and Pop Tarts.

Introducing some new buys I probably shouldn't have bought but could not resist, same old same old to us bloggers though right? And these gorgeous new buys make this fresh outfit. Inspired by the games, there's a little hint of sports luxe; simple cuts that are extremely comfortable, as well as a few studs for this season's edge. There's something about this get-up that makes me feel healthy and glowing, I may be rambling but surely someone understands what I mean about wearing crisp, bright pieces. Clothes do effect your mood, correct?
jumper Zara crop top H&M shorts River Island via charity shop bag Promod watch M&S necklace thrift shoes  New Look
nails lilac M&S, glitter H&M
These beautiful shorts were eyeing me up as soon as I walked into the charity shop, fully enticing me as I headed out so I couldn't not for £2.50. I may not get too much wear out of them before summer's out, but for that price I'm not too fussed. Whereas the Zara jumper is my new transeasonal best friend, with such a soft material. As for the nails, my boyfriend pointed out that they look like pop tarts, with multi coloured sprinkles on top, and for this reason I've donned them a fair few times now.
Eurgh, I really must stop spending money though, it's so very hard boo.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Recent Snoops.

 Thought I'd let you have a little snoop at recent happenings, seem to have been so busy recently, which is always good. I think I'm happiest when I'm keeping busy and occupied, do you get what I mean?
#lemon meringue tart from which is now my new fave patisserie #a treat from the boyf, now sold in Tesco! #secret secret garden picnics
#out with my gal #two dessert icecream, bannoffe pie and lemon meringue #muma and I
#the scrummiest muesli sadly only sold in Germany #wall of clocks at breakfast #spotted pretty wild flowers on a run 
#the Olympics inspiring me to take up running properly again #some old guys rocking double denim #Rochester castle, a future hang out
#scrummy breakfast with a friend #floral outfit snap #pick 'n' mix sweets truly rock

 So I've trying to squeeze in as much time as possible with the besties before summer is over and out, whilst scrambling about finding a place to live up at uni...mission successfully completed! Hooray. I've managed some family days out too, which are always lovely as such a rarity, as well as spent some quality time with the boy. 
I'll catch you up on outfit posts asap, got a few stacking up now :)  Hope you're all well!