Friday, 21 September 2012

Perfect Evenings.

Hello there strangers! I know, I'm actually the one being the stranger, with starting university this week I haven't had the internet to blog. Boo. But we have now set-up the internet and it's getting switched on next Friday, and for the mean time I'm back in my home town stealing the boyfriend's wi-fi. So before doing anything else I wanted to complete my holiday posts, even if Summer does feel like a distant memory. Autumn has well and truly put it's foot down right? There's that crisp, fresh smell in the air and the hot chocolate addiction has been unleashed for the season -make mine topped with cream with a side of shortbread.
crop top H&M skirt M&S bag The Bridge Company via charity shop shoes New Look
dress Republic
dress Topshop shoes New Look
dress Pull and Bear clutch Topshop sandals New Look
playsuit charity shop bag Accessorize via charity shop belt charity shop sandals America (apologies for the b/room door being open)
It was rather lovely being able to dress up for dinner with Jack, every night felt like date night, and he even he got into the swing of smartening up. 

I'll try to resume to my usual blogger self asap, I miss reading through blogs and taking outfit snaps. Hope you're well and September is treating you all well, the month of new beginnings quite often.


  1. amazing photos! :)
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  2. aaaw so pretty!
    love all the feminine outfits on you!

    jayj x.


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