Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sunday Look Back.

Today has been one of the most chilled days since I got back from holiday, topped off with a perfect walk along the seaside in the crisp, fresh air and an ice cream (it;s never too chilly for a 99 right?). I've been able to clear my mind and reflect a little on life at the moment, drawing me to put an infamous instagram post up. 
Enjoy <3
My first ever project at university involves researching Celine, can not complain at all. My course seems perfect, immersing myself in fashion completely is a dream, and I'm studying at the same time.
These Primark pj shorts were just too cute not to buy, how wintry and cosy do they look?! Perfect for my weekends back home.

Jack and I often go along to the amusements by the seaside; two pence pushers rock. Then we take a walk along the promenade, ice creams in hand.
Introducing my new juice cravings, peach juice. I drank ALOT in Spain but can't find it over here boo.
These are part of my ever increasing recent haul, spandangly cowboy boots...just amazing.
This photo is a rarity, my sister hates her photo being taken, yet she looks beautiful just before a night out.
Oh my gosh, these red Zara boots are just so hot. I've lusted for a long time now, and probably missed my chance.
This picture sums up our holiday, even looking at it makes me feel so relaxed. Can not wait for our next one already.
One of the best things about holidays, the ice cream. My favourite flavour had to be watermelon.
Arrived home for the weekend to these, I'm a lucky girl.
My student loan came through so I treated myself haha, and yes I had this for dinner not breakfast. Breakfast food is the best kind though.
Tasty potato snack, Chipstix, at a food fair in Canterbury, I thought it was such a nifty, brilliant idea yet so simple.
Perfect summer image.


  1. I can't get over how amazing the ice cream looks! How cute are the little Disney figures on it? You and your sister look absolutely gorgeous xx

    Violence & Fashion

  2. Loving both the boots, can't beat a bit of sparkle!
    Would love you to check out my latest post :)
    Happy Monday Hun xoxo

  3. The red zara boots! AH! Amazing! You are your sister are both beautiful btw!xx


Thanks for all your sugary sweet thoughts <3