Saturday, 19 May 2012

Nail newbies.

So here's a little post, as promised. During the week I tried out this lilac polish I bought in the sale at M&S (where else haha), it was only £2 and was intrigued to find out if their collection is any good. The colour is so pretty, and although I do have one similar this is slightly lighter, milkier perhaps?. Plus, I've been using the other colour so much I will probably need some form of replacement soon enough.
Apologies firstly for my poor painting technique (it looks fine from faraway haha) and secondly for how horrid and manly my hands look, I am trying to make them look nicer, so any tips welcome! Anywho, the varnish it self is rather thin therefore a fair few coats are needed, but I'm pretty pleased with the final colour, soft and sweet.
Last week I also purchased this Matte Top Coat from H&M after seeing it on a few blogs, this was also only £2 so can't grumble. It's works pretty well, although my photos aren't perhaps the best proof. Simply paint nails with your normal chosen colour, then once that has dried pop a lick of this on top, giving a cool, matted finish. Something an ickle different hey?
Of course I had to finish with an odd one out, it matched my outfit perfectly at the time.
Have you bought any new nail varnishes recently that have impressed you? I need to add just a few more before reaching 100 hehe.

 Happy weekending <3


  1. What a lovely lilac-y shade! Also amazed that M&S would do such an on trend shade, the H+M matte coat looks cool too :) xx

  2. Lovely nails! Pastel nails are my fave at the mo, I've got a peachy shade which I'm obsessed with!xxx

  3. Such a lovely colour! I love that it's that pale it's almost white.



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