Friday, 26 October 2012

Life as of Late.

How is it that October is very nearly over? Sometimes a pause button is needed to take in the best of times, that would be pretty nifty.
Uni friends and I visited the Tim Walker exhibition going on at Somerset House, whilst we were there the ice rink was being set-up for Christmas...already plan on going back to the exhibition (which lasts til January) and having a little skate too.
Jack celebrated his 21st birthday, he's now an old man I keep telling him hehe.  It's crazy to think he's 21 when we became friends way back when we were 14, as my friends would put it #thatshitcray
My uni town has some pretty cute, old-school sweet shops, and these scrummy blueberry bon bons got me through a very long Monday.
Ran for the train without realising my hair was still in pigtails, thought I was getting strange looks, but I kinda like it.
This shamefully may have happened during the week when I had ran out of bowls to use and was in a bit of a rush, student life right there haha.
An amazingly cute jar of marshmallows that my mum included in her charity fundraising tombola, sadly I didn't win, would have looked awesome in my kitchen.
Well hasn't the weather just been charming this week? I had never seen fog stick around throughout the entire the day before.
Defeated by monstrous burgers at Jack's birthday lunch at The Picture House; monstrous yet delicious  all the same.
One of Jack's presents included a huge jar of 21 of each of his favourite sweets, it went down very well . This is a perfect, thoughtful gift if you're looking for something cheap and cheerful.
Walking through an autumnal tunnel to my parents, one of the best parts of the season has to be crunchy leaves beneath your feet.
First ever trip to Harrods, can I please live there? It's just so quaint and ridiculously charming, if only I had thousands to spend.
It took all my strength to resist buying anything from this lovely little bakery in Knightsbridge, the lemon drizzle looked especially appetising. 
A little bit of print clashing for London town, outfit post to come soon.
My only purchase in Harrods was this tiny, chocolate pizza for Jack, thought it was pretty damn quirky and within my price range haha. Topped with honeycomb and fudge.
Booked tickets to see Skyfall and Mr James Bond definitely did not disappoint, a must-see, if not obvious already haha.


  1. I absolutely love your photography <3 It is amazing :) xxx

  2. Aw cute post:-)

  3. sweet post! never heard of a chocolate pizza before but i'm pretty sure i wouldn't pass up the opportunity!

  4. I need to see that exhibit, too. So far I only visited the Chanel one. Looks like you had a very special time in London. x

  5. Fab pictures, I love your pigtails ;)

  6. Looks like a fun week! I love Harrods!

  7. The photos in this post made me all warm inside! I love the sweet jar you made for Jack, so thoughtful and hopefully he needed help eating them


Thanks for all your sugary sweet thoughts <3