Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Double Laze.

Wednesdays are officially my lazy day; I have the day off uni for 'self-directed' study and do not creep out from under my duvet until afternoon hours. Not much gets done, and I barely leave the house...part of me is ashamed but part of me says it's okay. It's okay because I'm a very poor student who needs to lock herself away from any spending temptations. It's okay because the day can be spent pretending to get through the mountain of uni work piling up. It's okay because it's cold and miserable outside. Does anybody else get my drift? One day a week is allowed right? 
All these reasons were verified today when I did in fact leave the house *shock horror* to apply for some voluntary work in town. Yes I fell victim to temptations, no I didn't even come close to completing any work and did you see the weather today?! 
shirt Cotton Traders via charity shop jumper Zara jeans ASOS via charity shop bag thrift boots Primark scarf H&M necklace Forever 21 nails 17 Holographic Effects
Double denim anyone? It's a bit hit and miss, but I wasn't taking myself too seriously this afternoon and really wanted to wear my beloved men's shirt, plus it's a nod to the western trend that's hovering about. I've seen a lot of amazing Isabel Marant-esque boots and shirts on the high street, love this subtle cowgirl revival; have you girls been influenced yet?

I'm off to read fashion magazines for uni research...not too shabby tehe. 


  1. I do exactly the same on my days off! Such a cosy and lovely outfit! xx

  2. I'm a firm believer that double denim can work! Love the boots and hell yes to the duvet days!

  3. My lazy days are Thursdays and pretty much consists of the same things as yours!! you definitely get away with double denim :) xx

  4. Adore those boots! Mentioned you in my latest post aswell :) xx

  5. everyone definitely deserves lovely lazy days! i really like the faux fur with the denim, and those boots are pretty amazing :) xx

  6. So adorable! I love the fur and boots :)


  7. Nobody will condemn you for this display of double denim. You have clearly pulled it off. Love this cosy look and your collar. And my lazy day is Friday. Or as I like to know it Procrastination day. Love your blog too btw :)

    Gemma x

  8. I sooo miss those lazy days! Take advantage while you have them! Love your shoes




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