Saturday, 14 April 2012

Unusual behaviour.

Hey all! I've been dithering about all week, and am now shattered. Just got back from dinner at the parents, whilst watching The Voice, how frigging good is that show? So fresh and funny. Now I am sat in my loungey clothes with the kettle boiling, considering a hot bubble bath with a magazine. Seems very tempting. I just haven't had any time off work in forever, and I NEED a lay-zee day, we all need one once in a while. Fingers crossed I shan't have to wait too long.
Enough of my babbling, I thought I'd show you my new buys I have accumulated this week. I have scoured Canterbury shops up and down soooo many times, and now realise that I have no other choice but to rob a bank. Too many gorgeous pieces about. Damn the great British high street.

High waisted shorts are an absolutely must have this season, and I just love the colour, shape and distressed look of these ones. Tick all the boxes. I know I could DIY some, I still plan too, just means I can experiment more. These was definitely be a staple for Summer.
shorts Marks and Spencers £25
I have this thing for grey jeans, I am always lusting over a pair, yet never buy any. And I still haven't haha, but these Topshop leggings will do for now! Never bought Toppers ones before, but damn they are comfortable, and feel like much better quality than others I have. 
Leggings Topshop £22
 I fell in love with this shirt straight away; the soft colour drew me in, then I noticed the dropped back, and the collar tips sealed the deal for me. And a quick shout out (that sounds ridonculously silly doesn't it?) to the boyfriend, as he bought this for me after I 'ummed and ahhed', he wouldn't allow me to leave the shop without it. Such a sweetie, think I've got a good'un. 
shirt Zara £26.99
 What do you guys think of the purchases? I'm already thinking up outfit ideas.
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! I'm off for that bubble bath now.
Sam <3 


  1. love all your purchases, some great finds! xxx

  2. Love it all! Especially the soft color of the shirt. By the way, I'm obsessed with The Voice over here in the US-- it seriously is the greatest show!

    1. The voice is brilliantbisnt it? Can't stop ranting on about it haha. And this minty softness is bang on trend, new favourite :) xxx

  3. Love the shirt! Collar tips are a winner for me :) featured a shirt in my blog very similar.

    Thankyou for following me on twitter! - following back.

    You have a lovely blog, following! Maybe you could check out mine :)

    Becca x

  4. Love the shirt, its gorgeous x

  5. Hi Sam,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm now following you! Love the shirt in this post zara is amazinggg!

    Love, Justine xxx

    1. Every time I walk into Zara I know it's a mistake as I will end up falling in love with something! Such nice stock at the moment! Thanks sweet :) xxx

  6. Absolutely loveeee that blouse from Zara :)
    Btw i've awarded you blog an award!

  7. Ok, that's my question about the collar tips on your more recent post answered!It's my first look at your blog so hadn't read back this far yet:)
    Mel x


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