Thursday, 26 April 2012

Better late than never.

Hey girls, thought I'd just share this bargain my mum picked up for me today in a charity. My mum is insanely good at finding a bargain, and whenever she goes scouring through the local shops she often comes knocking on my door with a little present. Best mum ever <3 
Anywho, so the bargain was a dress. A lovely, soft pink H&M dress, with a bird print. An extra added bonus nod to this season.  
The weekend just gone the boyfriend and I went to a christening, and I hadn't a clue what to wear. I  had to rush to get ready after work, and ended up looking like a gooseberry wearing flat ankle boots whilst everyone else was in heels and gorgeous dresses. THIS very dress is what I needed, simple yet softly sweet. It just came into my life four days too late. 

Have you ever had that situation before? A special event to attend, with 'absolutely nothing to wear', then days after finding the perfect outfit?
Darn it haha. Oh well, at least I know exactly what I'm wearing to my next christening invitation haha!
dress H&M via charity shop
daisy ring Fenwicks triangle ring Dorothy Perkins via sale gold nail varnish Barry M foli effect in gold pink  Fearne Cotton
Also a chance to show off two newbies to my ring collection, adore them both. Fenwick jewellery is surprisingly good, I always forget to look but when I do, I find something I must have. The prices are rather purse friendly too, the daisy was only £4.50, not too shabby.

Hope you are all dandy <3 


  1. Gorgeous dress. that happens to me all the time. I hate christenings and weddings. So hard to dress for.

    1. Never had the chance, hopefully I'll get lots more invites to work out the right stuff to wear haha!x

  2. Great Dress ,you look cute :)

    Lovely Greetings!


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