Saturday, 3 March 2012

Denim jacket revival.

Thought I'd quickly share some snaps of the past couple of days, with all this sunshine I felt it was necessary to wear my denim jacket, reminds me of Summer sooo much, and now I'm just craving pure Summer sun! As well as the denim, I managed to get a bit of use out of my sunglasses. S'all good.
denim jacket originally Warehouse(my mum found this at a bootfair for 50p!!) shirt Burberry via charity shop vest New Look black jeans Zara lace-up shoes a shop in Germany

^^^I love this shirt, one of the best finds ever, it's my go to shirt when I can't decide. I always roll the sleeves over the jacket I'm wearing, to show as much of it off as I can. sunglasses charity shop watch gift nail varnish Number Seven Boots in Starlet Stockings pocket watch Past Times scarf Men's River Island

 ^^^And I can't stop wearing the white jumper I got last weekend, it's so comfortable but still looks cute. I'm surprising myself recently with all the red lipstick, but a) I have rather a lot of red lipsticks for some reason b) It seems to perk up any outfit, that little pow factor c) It's fun to tease Jack with lip stick stains on his cheeks tehe. The random one of me smiling like a numpty is when I discovered that my camera can take photos by itself by detecting a smile haha!! The small things in life hey. jumper Primark via bootfair necklace Fenwicks lipstick Kate Moss for Rimmel in Rossetto earrings New Look

^^^This is what I spend lazy afternoons in the sun doing, Sudokus from the papers, 20p well spent I say! It's kind of a past time of ours. 

 Oh, and on the biscuit front, 10 days without them! I have shocked myself, although I've sort of replaced them with chocolate peanuts. Can't.Stop.Eating.Them.

 Happy weekending one and all! Stay dandy, Sam xx

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