Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bath Time.

At the beginning of the week Evs and I took a trip to Bath, I wish we had planned more time there though as it's such a pretty city and we didn't really have much time to explore all nooks and crannies. BUT can't complain as we got a super good deal with the train tickets as we booked in advance, from Canterbury to Bath Spa we paid £33 each for a next day return, not too shabby. 
 My outfit had to be comfortable and weather friendly, this is what I ended up with.
coat Zara jumper Primark via bootfair polka dot shorts weekend's charity shop find boots Zara small brown bag The Bridge big bag charity shop
silver necklace Debenhams tanned belt too old to remember
We visited the old Roman Baths too, which was rather interesting. I'm a bit of geek for historical things, I like imagining what it may have been like hundreds of years ago. Places are always better when there's a story to tell, a history to it.

We took so many clothes with us for the night out however both opted for comfort and casual with a pair of heels, could have saved our shoulders the pain of lugging the big bags around all day. 
Eva's wearing shirt H&M bag New Look I'm wearing the same as before minus the jumper vest H&M
When we got back into London the next day I got excited about seeing the Olympic rings at the station, woo. Getting all patriotic about this Summer.

 So that was a glimpse at my time in Bath, I will definitely be going again, for longer this time! Sam <3


  1. cute outfit & larrrvly pictures x

  2. You look lovely, and Bath looks like a nice place! Thank you for your comment, Sam. You should totally try yellow nail polish - perfect for spring time. I recommend Barry M's Lemon Ice Cream, it's a lovely creamy yellow - not as garish as the neon ones! Very flattering colour x

    1. Can't go wrong with Barry M, thankyou I may have to add it to my collection :) x


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