Sunday, 26 February 2012

Why hello there sunshine.

 What a wonderful weekend it has been! It's been pretty warm and sunny for February, although a couple of weeks ago we were all shivering are heads off from the record breaking icy temperatures. The British weather is seriously messed up nowadays. And not only that, and more importantly, my lovely friend Eva has been staying with me from Germany, we always have so much fun when she is over.
This is what I wore to the airport to pick Evs up, a little bit of a mess. But I am loving this shirt at the moment, and it was £2 from a charity shop, I had to sew some buttons on, but still!

Apologies for the bad self-timed photography (sometimes it's good to laugh at yourself haha).
cardigan men's River Island
 floral shirt charity shop
 shorts Miss Selfridge tights H&M socks new look

On Saturday we set off for the seaside town of Whitstable, which is a short bus ride from where I live. Not only did we get to enjoy the sunshine on the pebbly beaches, but we also hit the charity shops to rummage for some bargains, and rummage we did!

Fish and Chips how good does this look? Still makes my mouth water looking at the photo. Oh so scrummy.

bag Forever 21 coat Debenhams vest Topshop via charity shop cardigan Topshop belt charity shop skirt sister's Primark tights Zara boots George at Asda.

Bargain finds. A pair of polka dot shorts, blue play suit, pink striped shirt,  floral skirt and  white jumper.
 Evs also dyed my hair for me. Do you like the cheesy before and after shot haha? It's a very subtle change, but it looks a little more natural I think, rather then all the yellowy tones. It's a nice, tiny change for now though. No doubt I will go light again for Summer though haha.

Oooo and finally, there is a lack of Sunday photos because I broke my camera, boooo. But do not fear, I got pretty lucky really. I found my instant replacement insurance, because I know these clumsy drops are inevitable with me, and took it to the camera shop. Thinking I'd get the exact same replacement, I was very pleasantly surprised when the kind man said the old one was no longer in stock and I'd have to choose a brand spanking new one as an equivalent, with no charge. Woooo, bonus of the day.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too, basking in the sun. <3

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  1. Oh my goodness, the seaside looks sooo beautiful! I must come see it in person someday... Also, your seaside look is lovely, I love that jacket. x


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