Thursday, 23 February 2012

Apple of my Eye.

Hey hey hey, hope you are all having a good week. And have stuffed your faces with pancakes. My brain forgot to remind me to take photos, how annoying. But any who, happy belated pancake day. What was your chosen topping? My sister and I had to improvise with pineapple juice when we realised we had no lemons! So pineapple and sugar was my first, chocolate and strawberries my second...mmmm they were so good!
 And after the pancake feast, I decided to give up biscuits for lent. BISCUITS, what a silly idea. As somebody quickly reminded me, tea will never be the same (well, 'never' being a slight exaggeration of 40 days). And being a sugar monster, this will be hard. Keep posted to see if I can do it!

This is what I wore to le cinema last night, Wednesdays are THE day to go to the cinema. And consequently, more often then none our date night of the week, so I can get all dressed up woo. The Woman in Black is so very jumpy, I literally did the two handed nail bite pose at one point.
lipstick Bourjois blazer charity shop, no label striped vest Topshop  apple shorts Debenhams watch charity shop

I love these shorts, I've had them since Summer but haven't worn them much, but the shape is really flattering (yay for the flat tum illusion). The print is great too! The classic black blazer is having a revival moment too, after being rolled up under forgotten clothes for a while.
Apples and Stripes.
nail varnish
Topshop in Gone Fishing Mint
You may have noticed a fair bit of my wardrobe is from charity shops, I love charity shops! I have shopped in them since I can remember, and always find little gems. They are like an Aladdin's cave. Planning on doing a weekly posts on charity shop finds, so keep your eye out :) 

Now I am off to have some biscuit-less tea. Stay dandy in the unexpected sunshine, Sam <3


  1. Thanks for the blog comment! Your shorts are really sweet!

    Jade x

  2. You look so lovely! Love the stripes and apple print combo! I'm a huge fan of bright nail polish too! x


Thanks for all your sugary sweet thoughts <3