Monday, 20 February 2012

A Simple Weekend.

This weekend was rather dull for me, if I wasn't working I was lazing about. I know, how boring. But I'm gearing myself up for a busy and exciting week so all is well, I can use this as a lame excuse.

So here are a few things that sieved through my mind in my days of laze...

Oh how I wish I was there. I've traipsed through
 never-ending tweets and photos, stalking this event.  
Oh yes, when it is on offer, I shall buy.
I enjoy the moments when I have just been paid and  wander round
Marks and Spencer's, oh the small joys in life.

 So I have got myself in a rut, as I went a very long time without reading any book ( I know it's terrible), and then I felt a sudden urge to jump back on the reading train. The problem is I read these popular two, and now I'm scared I've read the best books first! I loved how they were both written, with the two points of view and/or change in time. So what do I read next? Any ideas?  
For a little stroll, this is what I wore. A little
farmer-esque don't you think?  coat Land's End
via charity shop jumper charity shop shorts Zara
tights Zara socks the boyfriend's  boots Zara
And now, this one gives feels a little Rihanna-esque. cardigan H&M top New Look
charity shop red jeans Zara boots Zara watch boot fair
heels next
Finally, I thought this outfit would look cute with nude heels, inspired by a magazine page I can't remember. If only I had the guts and reason to wear these lovely heels out over the weekend. I always fear that I'm too tall already, so will just look like a giant if I wear heels casually haha. But they are so nice, and they are very comfortable too! So I guess that's a dream outfit.

How was your weekend? Hope you are all dandy. Sam <3

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  1. Have you read The Hunger Games? It's a must-read. I'm completely obsessed with them! xx


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