Friday, 12 October 2012

Naughty haul.

Hello hello, I thought I'd update you on a few favourite additions to my wardrobe, that I have been feeling a little guilty about seen as it was all funded by my student loan. Oopsy.  And in actual fact, I've just got back from another mini shopping spree, this is not good at all guys...I need some control. I'm even considering giving my card to the boyfriend back home so it's not so accessible, otherwise I will be completely screwed by the time Christmas comes around...oh deary. To put into perspective how bad it has been, I've bought six pairs of shoes within one month, SIX; I'm not even a 'shoe person' guys. Seriously haha.
But here, you can have a snoop through some of my goodies.
denim shirt Forever21
I had yet to own a denim shirt, one with a collar anyway, and this cropped one looked so cute on the hanger, the colour is quite a classic shade that will last throughout the seasons. Perfect.
necklace Forever21
My aim; to own a good variety of shorter necklaces. This simple, gold one looks perfect under a collar, a key starter to my collection.
hi top trainers River Island sale
After having my eyes on these for a while, I thought it was about time to delve into the hi-top trend, especially with these being in the sale at £20.
ankle boots Primark
Ahh my spangdangly boots, although somewhere inside of me tells they are hideous, I just think they are just amazing. Your thoughts?
top Primark
I actually just bought another one of these today, in white, I think they're are definitely going to be a staple this season. Basic tops in basic colours are everybody's friends, you can style them anyway you fancy.
leather jacket Topshop
You've seen this jacket right, it's one of Topshop's biggest sellers of the season so ALOT of people have it. Usually this would bother me, but it's just so lovely..and it's one of those 'goes with everything.'
Hope you are all in for a lovely weekend, I'll be back with an outfit post asap.


  1. love the hi tops & glittery boots! x

  2. Looooove denim shirts - and I really want your white high tops! I followed xx


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