Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sleepy Catch Up

#a new obsession of mine#cute tin full of tea bags#the boyf's obsession on his top, Pixie Lott
#evening beach walks are bliss#strawberry lemonade cooler from Costa#American candy shop, they do it so well
#the best cider right? of course#dismantling my pin board of five years#my usual from the chippy, oi oi saveloy
#looking like a fishermen after a cold,late train journey#American taffy is too good#strawberry milkshake pop tarts,amazing whiffs from the toaster

#a jam at work, just genius#the best part about baking is licking the bowl!#my bestie before blowing out her birthday cocktail
Life feels pretty chaotic at the moment, Summer is well and truly kick starting, leaving the sunshine behind for most it seems. Often I take these phone photos then forget about them, so once in a while I go to my album and see a little photo diary of recent happenings, I rather like it that way.
Off to indulge in maltesers, yet make my self feel better with green tea. Plenty of it. In bed, of course.


  1. This is a lovely post, you can't beat maltesers and tea in bed! xx

  2. lovely photos; mmm i love the strawberry lemonade coolers from costa, they're sooo good :)xo

  3. Lovely pictures. The strawberry lemonade cooler and strawberry milkshake Pop Tarts both sound amazing, need to hunt me some down!
    Totally with you on the baking thing, so much so that very little of the mixture ever makes it to the oven as I can't help but eat it first! It tastes better that way.
    Mel x


Thanks for all your sugary sweet thoughts <3