Saturday, 7 July 2012

Recently Acquired.

I'm seriously trying to cut back on my spending at the moment, yet I still manage to have picked up a few cheeky things. I do need to sort my spending out as I can be quite impulsive and my bank account doesn't like it one bit. Even more so when I try to persuade myself that buying from a charity shop is okay as of course the money is going to a good cause,  except my money still vanishes, need to get that idea out of my head asap.
top Small market-like shop
This was only £6 and seemed like a brilliant idea, my sister bought a top from this shop too and I think we both had second thoughts on our purchases. I do like it, just not as much as I wish I did.
velvet vest charity shop
This velvet number was only £1 from one of those baskets you must rummage in, it was definitely worth the rummage. The colour is perfect, and the velvet as a bit of luxury, it just means I constantly stroke my stomach whilst wearing this haha.
floral blouse H&M via charity shop
This has already been worn rather alot recently, it's just such a nifty blouse as it's light and baggy meaning it's perfect for hot days, but I can also use it as a little jacket for the evenings. Already have many a outfits spinning around in my head for this beauty. My friends are so impressed with this find for some reason.
speckled skinny jeans ASOS via charity shop
Grabbed these for just £3.50, they are a great fit and something a little different with a speckled, cloudy effect and the zip is on the hip so they are even more slim lined. 
cat iPhone4 case Urban Outfitters
I'm not even that much of a cat fan, I mean I don't have a particular favourite, but this case is just sooo pretty. The mix of the colours and the cat's eyes just make it a bit of a wow case for me, despite the fact if I stare at it for too long it starts to creep me out a little haha. I picked it up in the Brighton Urban Outfitters for £12, which is that bad, is it?
Hope you guys have picked up some cheeky bargains this week too, what do you think of mine? Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. I think you did pretty bell, some of those bits were a steal! Just think what you would have spent getting them full price. Know what you mean though, it all soon adds up - that always happens to me in Primark, too!
    Mel x

  2. That velvet vest was a really good find and that phone case - I must by one! x

    1. I know right? It sucks me in too which is always a bonus haha.xx

  3. The cat phone case is amazing I really wanna get one now, do UO do more cases like that? x

    1. They have a few phone cases, on with a moustache on and some aztec print ones,they are all lovely...I'm just a sucker for the pretty colours on the cat one haha.xx

  4. ohh you are just the best bargain hunting, you also have so many amazing charity shop finds! and OMG i am seriously in love with the phone case i am gona have to snap myself one up!!! x

    1. Haven't been charity shopping in so long though, serious withdrawal symptons occurring haha.xx


Thanks for all your sugary sweet thoughts <3