Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Classic Sweet Jars.

Hey all! First off, HOW IS IT ALREADY MAY?! 
Secondly, check out another gift wrap I picked up yesterday, yep...I think it's becoming an obsession, I'm always popping into shops to check out their collections now. But how cool is this one!? It went up on my wall immediately. Tempted to buy another sheet as a spare, but I think that is a little too strange right? But I was thinking how it would work as an iphone case too, so for now it will become my background photo instead.
(sorry the photos aren't the best quality, was being rushed out the house)
sweetie gift wrap Fenwicks
Don't you all just want a classic fried egg sweet now? Or maybe a bon--bon? Think my all time favourite has to be cola bottles. Too good.

I'm off to get my hands on some of these classics now, pick'n'mix!


  1. Love this paper!! Slightly peckish for sweets now! :( x

  2. Officially the cutest wrapping paper I have ever seen - I don't blame you for wanting two sheets! xx

    1. Couldn't bring myself to wrap presents in this as it is too good to rip! Haha xx

  3. that wallpaper is actually amazing! x


Thanks for all your sugary sweet thoughts <3