Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Tapered Trousers.

Hello lovelies :) This post was meant to go up last night but my eyes were hurting so much due to lack of sleep, so I gave in. But here it is, another '1,2,3 Tuesday'. Today's culprit are tapered trousers. Now, I absolutely love that over last few seasons trousers have made a huge comeback, they are so comfortable to wear, and they look much more chic then jeans don't they?! The only thing I was worried about was the shoes I would wear with them, because in all magazine shoots the models are wearing heels with trousers. If I wore heels everyday around town I would look like a giant, I'm quite tall already. So the only thing stopping me wearing these comfy babies was shoes, how silly of me! 

Lunch about town. This is the outfit that inspired me to focus on tapered trousers , it's a casual, sassy ensemble. Plus, a good mac makes any outfit look good! 
trousers Topshop vest Topshop via charity shop bag Topshop Unique shoes New Look coat charity shop
Snake skin drinks. Trousers + heels = sophisticated on a night out.
shirt Primark via charity shop clutch charity shop shoes New Look via charity shop earrings  New Look
Smart heart.
shirt Charity shop jumper a boutique bag The Bridge Company shoes New Look necklace Miss Selfridge
What do you guys think of the outfits? I quite enjoy this weekly post, means I get to play dress up with my wardrobe hehe. Hope you are all wonderfully dandy, and the weatehr is starting to brighten up a little for you. 
Sam <3 

P.s; I know everyone has stopped raving about Easter already, but how cute are these chocolates Jack got me! They are too cute to eat.


  1. wow! i like your outfit *-* very amazing :) i find your blog so good


    1. aww thankyou, glad you enjoy my little dress up posts :) xx

  2. Love no 2 and 3!
    Heart jumper <3

    Cute Blog!


  3. Is that a hello kitty choc "egg"? AMAZING! I love hello kitty, how did i miss this!!! and in white chocolate too! my fave xxx

    1. White choc is my fav too! It's too cute! I never want to eat it haha, no matter hwo many photos I take of it. Sam xx

  4. Aww i got that Hello Kitty Easter Egg too :) i don't think i have the heart to eat it too, haha it looks to cute! :3


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