Saturday, 17 March 2012

Smarten Up Sunny.

Hello! This weather is driving me crazy, my wardrobe thoughts are all over the place because it's so hard to predict whether it's going to warm or cold, sunny or rainy. British weather doing us proud hey! 
I have had enough of all the sunshine teasing; getting us all excited about coatless days, bare legged outfits and sunglasses usage, just to throw it all back in our faces! Boo! 
(I may have forgotten to take photos during the day so excuse the sunnies at dusk haha) 
shirt Classic Tricot vest New Look trousers Zara necklace Accessorize watch Boot  nail varnish  Barry M in gold foil, Front Cover in Beetroot  bag The Bridge Sunglasses Boots via Charity shop

got a little chilly in the evening so threw this on jumper Primark via bootfair
I'm a bit late to jump onto the whole collar bandwagon really. I have done it in snippets the past few seasons but at the moment I'm really getting into shirts and collars, and adding a big necklace with them. Need to buy more!

Have a lovely weekend, be it rain or sunshine! Ooo, and happy St Patricks day, may try and sneak in a pint of guiness with the boyfriend later. <3 Sam

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