Monday, 13 February 2012

Today I bought a doughnut.

Hey there, this is my first ever blog! After months of umming and ahhhing I have finally given myself a kick up the bottom on this cold, dreary Monday. This is what I wore to a Starbucks date with friends; the layers are a necessity with all this bitter British weather, brrrrrr.
leggings George at Asda faded leopard print skirt an old pj top pink top Zara scarf Dorothy Perkinsleather jacket Topshop via a charity shop fingerless gloves Accessorize bag Topshop via a charity shop
Yes, I am wearing two pairs of socks, it's too cold!
boots Zara socks new look
Today I also bought a hair doughnut (although we did shamefully buy a dozen edible ones too), after hopelessly wandering around a Claire's with a Christmas gift card. At first I was dubious of these funny shaped, spongy foamy things...but after seeing my friend put hers in I became intrigued, and gave them second thoughts. Her bun looked like perfection. And it's a bargain at £3.50, I know, you're thinking that isn't bargain-esque at all, but trust me!

The hair doughnut gave my bun the oomph I have been lusting over for a long time.

Thanks for reading, hope you are all dandy as cotton candy on this eve before Valentine's. <3 Sam

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