Friday, 5 July 2013

Old Summer

Now I'm home for the Summer many of my evenings are spent down by the river basking in the sun and getting all nostalgic about the yesteryears. Here I'm wearing one of those very generic H&M Summer dresses; super light, super cute, super cheap. I have a fair few of these hanging about, ready for those days where you just want to throw something on without thinking too much about the outfit. Perfect for hot, sunny days lounging about in a park. 
dress H&M coat charity shop shoes New Look garland old watch bootfair thrift sunglasses Erica Raybans
The old floral garland really got me in the mood for the festivals I'm hitting up this Summer; it really does just make any outfit festival ready. This one is really old, but I'm hoping to spruce it up with a trip to the haberdashery however if you are on the look out for some sweet head wear definitely check out Topshop's variety.


  1. This is such a loverly summer look!!

  2. aw you look so lovely!


Thanks for all your sugary sweet thoughts <3