Sunday, 2 June 2013

Toppers Birthday

So last weekend I celebrated my momentous 21st, and it was was blooming brilliant. I spent it with everybody that I love and adore, whilst being completely spoilt rotten...I was indeed a very happy, very lucky lady. I thought I'd show you my day outfit as things got a little chaotic and I didn't have time to snap any other outfits, apologies! 
dress Topshop jacket Zara boots Forever21 socks Primark sunglasses Raybans
This Topshop dress is gorgeous, and after trying on about 10 different outfits in the flagship store this was my top pick. Not only was it such a reasonable price of £32, but it's so damn comfy. I feel that I could throw this on during the Summer and be set to go, not much else is needed. Plus it's ticking the big monochrome trend, whilst having a slight resemblance to Prada flowers. It also will be seasonally versatile, looking just as cute with some thick tights and boots layered up in the winter. I predict this dress to be a big seller for Topshop this season, as I've already seen some bloggers snapping it up...and bloggers know best right!?

I will blog a rather large catch-up which will include snippets of my birthday later in the week, so keep chooooned.



  1. Happy belated birthday! You look lovely in your new dress :) I haven't seen a post form you pop up on my feed for ages, how odd.
    Did you get some nice presents? Looking forward to seeing them!
    Mel xx

    1. Thank you lovely! I know, I have been a little awol recently...jumping back on it this week hopefully though! I got such amazing gifts, well and truly spoilt hehe. Hope you are well Mel!xx

  2. LOVE your dress :) x


Thanks for all your sugary sweet thoughts <3