Monday, 18 March 2013

Stars and Stripes

This morning I was running on zero hours sleep and a can of monster...oops. So when I rummaged through my wardrobe the key was comfort but still pulled together, I definitely didn't want to look as tired as I felt. Enter an outfit that is just all so wrong; a Children's jumper I had bought for a shoot a while ago, some Topman jeans and my bargain patent courts from the Christmas sales. But it really did do the trick, topped off with my favourite snuggly scarf from RI Men's section.

jumper Internacionale Children jeans Topman courts New Look jacket Zara scarf River Island Men earrings Forever21 watch Urban Outfitters
The Stars and Stripes really packed a punch of colour into a dull and dreary day,making it just about bearable until I got home and sparked out on my sofa. Have you noticed the Americana motif seems to be trickling back in for another season, and after dismissing the trend completely first time round it's good to know I have a trusty knit to embrace it this Summer. I'm a little concerned the novelty may wear off and I'll be left with another wardrobe one-hit wonder, but at least we had this tiresome day together hey?


  1. Love the American vibe you look beautiful as ever xxx

  2. Lovely top dear!!
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  3. Love the lipstick colour you're wearing and of course the awesome knit :)xo

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  5. Great sweater! I really love the rich colour of your lipstick too. Also, you have such gorgeous eyes!

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  6. How sweet you are really gorgeous.

  7. Love the outfit so preppy!

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