Sunday, 16 December 2012

Term's Over.

My first term at university is over already, I've been so busy that time has just flown by. I absolutely adore my course, it's perfect talking about fashion all day every day and it seems like really promising path to take to get into the fashion industry, it's all very exciting. So I thought I'd show you guys exactly what I have been up to the past few months as a Fashion Promotion at UCA.
As part of the first project we had to do a styled shoot on a given luxury brand, my group had Celine, the French brand iconic for it's minimalistic approach and gorgeous leather goods. After studying this brand for nearly 8 weeks though all I now want is a Celine luggage bagjust need alot of dollar then.
Last week we were experimenting with camera filters and last minute styling, but my friends and I came up with a really good concept in the end so decided to make it into a mini-zine. We were pretty chuffed with ourselves when we saw the results. Fellow team members included my lovely Liverpudlian Heather and ridiculously brilliant Richard, excuse my modelling, apparently I pull off the 50s housewife look pretty well ha.
 This course has made me fall in love with London even more. We're expected to take trips up to the capital frequently to get to know our way about town and keep up to date with all the exhibitions and forums on offer, which means the temptation to splurge has quadrupled this term. Oooops. 
 I've also began to take such a great interest in window displays, some of the stores in London have amazing examples. The left one here is Moschino's window for this Autumn, can you spot the cartoon they're imitating? And on the right is one of Harrod's Christmas windows which involved a collaboration of designers such as Oscar de la Renta and Vaentino with Disney princesses, the gowns are just beautiful. If you're in London this month definitely go check  them out in Knightsbridge. 
 This here was our first live project with none other than Dr Martens, where we were asked to style a pair of the iconic shoes. Have you noticed that they've had this huge revival in the past few years, and they seem more versatile than ever with new stores popping up around the country. The pair I'm wearing here aren't the classic DMs you're used to seeing, but these heeled beauties were so darn comfy, I so didn't want to give them back after the shoot booo. Check out the entire day's work here.

So that's my first term over, and I'm back in my home town all set for the Christmas festivities which include a posh drunken dinner with friends tomorrow and a weekend in Rome with the boyfriend. I can NOT wait. Although, it's not all play as I have a humungous pile of readings to get through for next term, oh well hehe.

Enjoy your festivities ladies!



  1. Great post! I'm studying fashion promotion next year (hopefully at MMU, just waiting for my offer now!) and this post has just made me even more excited. I love your style too, you have a new follower in me! :)

  2. Lovely post!! Deffo going to take some inspiration from this :)

    I've just started a blog and need some new followers....feel free to have a look!!


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