Monday, 5 November 2012

Power Dressing.

So my only charity shop bargain to show since being at uni is this men's houndstooth blazer? You likey? I'm pretty much having to drag myself away from picking it up every morning to wear, convinced that it goes with every outfit (it probably doesn't, but it certainly adds a quirky spin). Also, wearing a men's jacket comes in mighty handy, there's sooo many pockets! This may be my favourite thing about my £4 wonder purchase; I was able to walk around London with all my essentials in my inside pockets, not having to worry as much about my bag (the boyfriend always nags me to 'keep an eye on the bag').
t-shirt thrift trousers Topshop blazer charity shop scarf charity shop necklace Forever21 watch thrift shoes New Look bag The Bridge via charity shop
The masculine, oversized shape strangely makes me feel rather feminine, as if I'm a teeny woman in a gentlemen's I making sense haha?


  1. I really love the pattern of this blazer!! xx

  2. That blazer is amazing for £4! And I absolutely that that shirt, I want one!! x

  3. hahah awh wow I want your top! xxxx

  4. I love your outfit and your hair is so gorgeous! I NEED to get a tartan scarf!xx

  5. What a lovely jacket! I had a dogtooth coat a few years ago from Next and I lived in that too! Thanks for following, love the blog so definitely following back :)

    Sam xx

  6. So in love with the t-shirt. It looks great x


Thanks for all your sugary sweet thoughts <3