Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Royal Mess.

Evening girlies! The evenings are drawing in dead quick, and my my isn't it getting chilly, all the reason to drink more tea accompanied with a barrel of biscuits right? Brr. Now most of the time I'm a morning person (despite what the boyfriend may say), and once I'm up, I'm up...but this cold makes it so hard to get out of bed, especially when your student lifestyle means heating is an absolute luxury and you've been using candles to warm your room haha. What makes it worse is that this is just the beginning, this cold is only a scratch on the surface; it's going to get colder, and as it does I'm going to roll into university looking more and more dishevelled. 
dress Topshop via charity shop scarf thrift jacket Topshop bag The Bridge via charity shop boots Primark watch thrift earrings gift nail varnish Accessorize 3D effects 
Another wear out of this Kate Middleton-esque dress, it's such an ideal dress to just throw on and build a look around; the leather jacket toughens it up whilst the red scarf print and lips a bit of oomph. Know what I mean? 


  1. You look lovely! x


  2. Such a pretty dress!xo

  3. Getting out of bed when you're ill is always the worst thing. You look lovely though. :) xo


Thanks for all your sugary sweet thoughts <3