Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Pretty White Tee.

It's more simple white tee, however the cut-out shoulders gives it some ooo, in my opinion the most attractive things about a girl are less obvious; shoulders, collar bones, wrists and back to name some. I'd had my eye on the cut-out tops for a while, but never got round to buying one...until yesterday when I went where I shouldn't and browsed the sales (I can't save, it's sooo hard!) and found this simple number in New Look for £4, not too shabby ey. It looked like the last one on the rails, and it is a few sizes bigger than my norm, but I like big and baggy!
tee New Look jeans Topshop Jamies via charity shop belt Forever21 bag charity shop shoes New Look necklace Dorothy Perkins rings Boots and DP watch thrift lipstick M&S in coral
 There's something about a plain white top and blue jeans that makes me feel fresh and healthy..strange but true. It's such a simple outfit, but it's like a clean slate to accessorise how ever I feel like it, there aren't really any boundaries with this clean look outfit.
Does anybody else get what I mean about rocking a plain white tee? 


  1. You make such a simple outfit look even more amazing, I need your accessorising skills! I love the Duck Tales watch! x

  2. Such a cute t shirt! I feel a DIY coming on lol x

  3. Nothing wrong with a simpe tee :) love how you've styled it and dressed it up with accessories! xx

  4. Ive been loving the cut-out shoulder tops lately, you work it so well! ^^

  5. Thank-you for your comment on my blog :)

    Love your blog you got here,

    I love that watch!!!! :)



  6. Ooooo I love this, I need a simple white tee to iron a transfer onto so gonna have to seek this out! Loving the cut out shoulders on this one!
    BTW that watch is incredible, loved ducktails!!

  7. I love white and denim together! This is such a great look! And that Ducktales watch is so cool!

  8. Very cute outfit, you're beautifulllll x


Thanks for all your sugary sweet thoughts <3