Saturday, 5 May 2012

A Week in May

I know it's 5th now, and I've said it already. But seriously, May! Already!
Moving on...
Since I've had my iPhone, and unsurprisingly Instagram I find myself taking photos of almost everything. I'm guessing that probably goes for everyone with one though, pretty addictive. Most of the photos I take  however are of food, not particularly sure why but everyone loves food right?! 
So here is a sugar monster's week in photos.
I hadn't had one of these in sooo long.  Must.Get.More
(currently reading 'The Descendants')
an old photo of my sisters and I at the seaside

late lunch, I'm forever eating breakfast food
another iPhone app. Thought Jack and I look rather spiffing with  tashes
little treats for tea with my Nan. can't beat a french fancy
my hair is getting longer and thicker. chuffed
how cute is this sleeping bag?!
may need to find a new form of storage for my polishes. nearing 100 now!
really suffering with my skin at the moment. thought I'd try Oxy out.
view from Jack's bus stop, he lives by the woods. so pretty.
Hope you have all had a lovely week, I seem to have been pretty busy and not had much time to just sit and gather thoughts. Fingers crossed we will see some sun rays next week, despite what the weatherman says! We can hope right?

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