Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Scarf Print Try Outs.

Alrighty, so first off I would like to say a hello to all my new followers, thank you for following Sugar Sweet Monster, I'm chuffed you are.
Now let's get down to business; this week's 1,2,3. This Tuesday I thought I'd play dress up with the scarf print shirt I bargained last week in a charity shop (of course, where else?haha) as I have been dying to wear it out, and needed some outfit ideas. Scarf print is huge this Summer, inspired by Dolce and Gabbana the high street has gone slightly mad for it, River Island especially! I wasn't so sure about this trend, 'it's certainly a  brave one' I thought, but it is eye catching and different... it adds a bit of 'wow' to a simple outfit.

This particular one is nautical themed, with a sailing boat on the back.
Slightly equestrian. This outfit is very simple and so comfortable. I was a bit dubious about putting gold necklaces with scarf print but I think it works because of the navy central strip breaks up the 'chaos'. 
shirt  Charity shop leggings Topshop boots  Zara necklaces various thrifts bag Topshop Unique coat Debenhams nail varnish No7 Limited edition 
Laid back Summer. I want sun and I want it now (don't we all?!). Can not get enough of my cut offs, and this bag compliments the shirt quite well.
shorts M&S bag charity shop boots Zara watch hand-me-down necklace DIY
Leggy night. This outfit is daring all because of the hotpants. I do like this outfit, but I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to wear it out, although I have to say that the long sleeves and top button of the shirt does balance this outfit out. One of my key style rules; if you have your legs out keep your top covered and vice versa. I've been keen to put some red lippy with this shirt, just looks tres sophisticated.
hotpants Miss Selfridge shoes Next belt charity shop bag charity shop watch boot fair
What do you guys think of the scarf print trend? Will you be buying a key item or steering away from the look? This shirt find has definitely swayed me, plus it just feels so luxurious

Stay dandy <3


  1. I absolutely love this shirt, so on trend and I can't believe you found it in a charity shop, amazing find!



    1. I know! I can't quite believe its a charity shop bargain either, so lovely and luxurious xx

  2. scarf print looks amazing

  3. you look great in that shirt, I am so bad at pulling off bold prints but you do it so well


  4. I love this shirt, I'm tempted to buy something scarf print but I'm still deciding!
    Cara x

  5. love all the different ways you wear it! gonna use these idea in future x

  6. Such a cutie!! :D

  7. Love that shirt.



  8. What a stunning shirt! I am loving this trend at the moment xx

  9. These outfits are amazing girl :) xx

  10. Great styling! I like the second look best. I don't own anything in a scarf print but if I come across the right one I might be persuaded to buy :)

  11. I am a big fan of the scarf print trend. This shirt is amazing! I love how you've managed to dress it up and down. Both outfits look amazing <3

    You have a great blog. Looking forward to following :)



  12. Love the shirt sweetie! Your blog is really cute :) xx

  13. your shirt is gorgeous :D xx



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