Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tribal Hints.

Hello lovelies. Hope your week has started off well, it's Easter week and everything seems a little lazier than usual. This week I plan on cramming as much time with friends as possible before they all go back to uni, so it should be a very good week. Do you have any fun plans for Easter yet?? I haven't even bought eggs yet, and am even tempted to buy a pack of Easter cards because they look just too cute haha. But who gives Easter cards?? 
Yesterday I had the afternoon off so went for an ickle picnic in the park with a friend, then a stroll round the shops. It didn't seem warm enough to get my legs out, so I opted for the safe maxi dress. This one from H&M is so casual and comfy,  certainly a dress down. But I love mix matching belts and necklaces for a different look. This one is a hint of tribal, I threw the boyfriend's shirt on as it was a little chilly, and it also matched my nails haha.
denim shirt  Men's from Republic maxi dress H&M bag Topshop Unique via charity shop
belt H&M necklace DIY nails Mavala in ELLE grey, Barry M in Crackled effects.
earrings Charity shop
Here's some photos of the day too;
#1The park which is our Summer hang out in Canterbury #2 Cold cider mmm #3 very expensive but very delicious chocolate eggs my boyfriend's mum got him #4 park pose #5 finally found the perfect bow tie for Jack from H&M

Sam xx

P.S. Lent is nearly over! BISCUITSBISCUITSBISCUITS get in my belly...soon haha. Did you guys give anything up for lent?


  1. I love the way you've accessorised this outfit!
    B x

  2. Thanks dear! :) I always seem to get in a accessories rut, wearing the same ones over and over. I have too many to have to do this though haha!xxx

  3. Lovely outfit, I love your nails!xx


    1. why thankyou :) I was a little unsure sure of them at first, perhaps too much crackle haha.xx

  4. love this! you're so god damn pretty! <3


Thanks for all your sugary sweet thoughts <3