Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter = huge amounts of sweet things. Edible or not.

Hello there . This long Easter weekend doesn't really count for me and my work, but I am still going to try and spend it in lovely ways doing sweet things! I've started it off with a pretty successful baking session with one of my sisters; biscuits, cakes and those chocolate cornflake things (firstly, what do you call them?! no idea. secondly, I know that the latter doesn't really count as baking but shhhh).
We got a little too carried away with the decorations! Realised  I can't actually eat the biscuits due to lent no being over quite yet though. Lame.

I also got a little bit of dosh from the parents and thought I'd have a semi-spree in Boots.

The Aussie hair care is so good! I have only used it once but my hair smells so scrummy, and it feels so soft...I can't stop playing with it haha. The mini-spree came to just under £20 which isn't bad, plus got to love the advantage card, have so many points now.
Ecotools brush foundation brush Aussie hair care Anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner,  colour mate deep treatment  Garnier moisturiser gradual tan Gosh eyeshadow waterproof love that dolphin Natural Collection candy mist Collection 2000 nail varnish dynasty
Lastly, I though I'd show you my little box of trinkets, which is mostly made up of old jewellery that has broken (I am forever breaking necklaces). I have recently realised I should make use of them all, instead of them never seeing the light of day. So I've simply just collected a few chains from charity shops etc so that I can mix and match/ swap the trinkets around for different outfits or moods. I love reviving old pieces, also makes them a little unique, and it feels like I have just gained about twenty new necklaces, without spending that much at all!
Oooo and one very last thing, I got two Easter  cards this week, how cute! :) 

What is everyone up to for Easter? I'm planning on just completely chilling with friends, and I'm also too excited about roast dinner at the parents...more so then finally being able to eat biscuits again. Something must be wrong. 
Anywho, hope you all have wonderful long weekends :) Sam <3 

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  1. Love the different trinkets and necklaces! You are doing so great on your blog, I love it! xx


Thanks for all your sugary sweet thoughts <3